Steam Games’ Abstractism Used Players To Mine Money

Steam has removed “trivial platformer” game Abstractism from its store bringing up true accusations that the game is shamelessly stealing users’ computing power to mine cryptocurrency.

It was responsible for Containing Virus and being a Secret and Unethical Crypto Miner that drains all your CPU energy masked in a game that was to release mental juices and problem solving. The game had traces of dark patterns that restricted the users to the platform, in ensuring they stay there for longer periods of time and made it hard for them to quit. Furthermore, they had the game make people to pay unknowingly to Steam. But, the mining bit is what pushed most people off, the mining operations obviously drained energy and the quality of the user’s PC.

It became evident that even the game mechanics were focused around encouraging users to either play the game frequently, for long periods of time, or to leave the game open and running for hours at a time.

We have removed Abstractism and banned its developer from Steam for shipping unauthorized code, trolling with content, and scamming customers with deceptive in-game items, Doug Lombardi, VP of Marketing at Steam.

This is not the first time people have tried to mine Monero through an illegal and unethical way without the owners of the servers actually knowing. The secret crypto mining ploy led Steam to face a lot of criticism both online and in the market, however, they did not accept any directly responsibility just like any other business in the capitalist world we live in and are forced to accept.

They went on to have the audacity and exhibit their arrogance by telling people or rather giving them instructions on how to turn off the functions that seem to be hogging gamer’s system resources. This was an attempt to mask their faulty activity and still appear innocent. The instructions were a hoax that was put in place to tell people that it would allow a user to play the game without burning out their system.

But the problems didn’t stop here. On top of this the game was scamming Steam users out of huge sums of money. Members on Team Fortress 2 (TF2) forums complained about being duped into buying expensive items they thought were meant for TF2.

However the items were in reality for Abstractism. They kept changing the name and pictures of these items after the scam was voiced and people started speaking up, this shady behavior could have gone unnoticed until people began to figure out that Steam had changed the names, but not the URL’s, and thus it was still provable.

All signs seem to suggest the “unauthorized code” was likely a crypto-miner – too bad Steam is keeping the lid on the exact reason for the removal.

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