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Blockchain gaming has taken a U-turn and is now on the right route with spells of genesis, while other blockchain games are only ways for people to buy really crap tokens that are for no good use, this game is story changer.
The collectible is a book of orbs based collectible, something worthy of having because it can be used outside the game too.
Spells of Genesis uses BitCrystals, these are the digital assets acting as the game-fuel and the premium in-game currency in Spells of Genesis.

Both of these, the assets and the concept – BitCrystals and Spells of Genesis blockchain cards are digital assets based on Counterparty. Counterparty is a platform which allows the creation of custom tokens, this platform makes or breaks them by giving them the recognition or respect of a cryptocurrency, it is blockchain powered and thus all evidence is there that legitimizes it.

Blockchain game assets in SoG are assigned a unique Counterparty token, this helps label and categorize them like all other trading cards. This allows them to be used and traded freely outside the game.

They can be used to purchase some of the SoG blockchain-based trading cards. The Book of Orbs, is a free app that acts like a gallery or a warehouse. It allows players to manage the cards they own and the BitCrystals in an easy and secure way like a crypto wallet.

The blockchain cards of Spells of Genesis can be purchased from one of the Askian Merchants, or by “blockchainisation” of a Quad Fused off-chain card.

Where to buy?

The Partner Merchant regularly offers different Public and Premium cards for BitCrystals. This is where you get your asset and the cards.

80% of the total supply of each Public card and 40% of the total supply of each Premium card will be available at the Partner Merchant. Rest can be acquired as a result from bounty programs, auctions and in app-rewards.

Each card is only available for a week, or until the next card release, or until the end of the allocated stock, whichever comes first. So to pick the best one you need to be very vigilant.

However, if any one card is not sold out for any weird reason, if there is any stock left, it may reappear later. But the reason why it was left out may mean that it calls for a close inspection.

EverdreamSoft (EDS) keeps 20% of the total supply of each card. Like with any other game this is how the developer get repaid for their work, time and investment. Some cards and BitCrystals can be acquired free, this depends on the public merchant and your relationship with it. If this is fun to you and then relax you will enjoy every step of the way! You are ready to jump in my friend, have fun!

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