Square Cash App Blocks Account of Founder of the Controversial Social Media Site, Gab

It seems that social media and controversy are closely linked and lately its feels like, one can’t survive without the other, especially in the enlightened and highly informed era that we live in today. Last year only, the social media giant, Facebook came under fire for “selling” personal user information to different companies. Now there’s a new social media platform taking all the heat and it goes by the name of Gab.

The personal account of the of the founder of the rather controversial social media site was recently blocked by Square’s Cash App, which is a payments firm based in the United States.

Apparently, the block was reported right Gab revealed that it had sent 850,000 emails to its user base, now that alone wouldn’t be a good enough reason to actually block someone. It was actually the content of those emails that prompted the block. Apparently the firm, in its emails, promoted Cash App and Bitcoin (BTC).

Gab was “introducing” the users “free speech money: Bitcoin.” The screenshots of the firm’s email revealed that they were generally describing the alleged censorship measures that have been taken against “influential alternative media personalities and companies,”. And that’s not it, it also called upon the users to actually use Bitcoin (BTC) as a “censorship-resistant free speech money and payment processing.”

Following Gab’s initial tweet after the block of its founder Andrew Torba, the firm tweeted again, and this time the tweet was more edgy. You can be the judge of that for yourself.

This whole debacle seems to have started following the ban that was imposed on its corporate account on the major U.S. crypto exchange Coinbase. On the 6th of January Gab announced that it had started using Cash App for transacting and receiving BTC donations. Prior to the Coinbase ban, both the Apple and Google app stores also had reportedly banned Gab.

Gab was founded back in 2016 and it touted itself as a “free speech social media platform”, however it was soon a target of wide criticism and labeled as a “favored platform” for alt- or far-right views. But despite the criticism, Gab didn’t attract much scrutiny that is until the fall of 2018, when it was reported that the perpetrator of the terrible Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, Robert Gregory Bowers, had posted on the social site about his intensions to inflict harm prior to the actual crime.

In another tweet today, Gab referred to itself as “the most censored website in history,” and provided a list of all the services that have allegedly blocked or censored it.

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