Spain’s Second Largest Bank, BBVA To Launch Ethereum Based Tokenized Knowledge Exchange Program

Spain’s BBVA, announced on Friday, June 8, that it has launched its maiden Campus Wallet platform. This is a token-designed training platform that has been built on top of the Ethereum network and will soon be functional.

Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Bank (BBVA), which is Spain’s second largest bank and it is also a major bank in the region, made this revelation yesterday. According to the bank, the start of this campus wallet is aimed at improving the training exercise of staff that have been attached to the bank. The bank’s Global Head of Talent and Culture, Ricardo Forcano, while commenting on this latest development stated that he is excited about the program, adding that the BBVA is looking to devote more funds in human resources in a bid to improve the standard of the bank’s services.

He said;

We are living in a time of transformation when the capacity to learn will become the principal competitive advantage for any organization.

He further stated that using tokens would bring more efficiency to the training and serve as a motivation for staff to share the knowledge acquired during the training.

Forcano further stated;

(BBVA Campus Wallet) assigns a value to train through tokens that certify each hour of training taken or given to other colleagues, and opens the doors to all employees – independent of their role – so that they can take courses that until now have only been available by invitation.

Ethereum becoming very important for token lovers

Ethereum, which is the second largest cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin has seen its blockchain recently voted by the Chinese government as the leading public blockchain, with its expertise in handling tokens one of the reasons why it is considered very important.

The features of Ethereum has persuaded the BBVA to make future plans to migrate its Campus Wallet program to the Ethereum network. The Bank made this aware during a press conference, stating that;

The next step of this project is to take the leap into the Ethereum network. BBVA is preparing a trial for this platform so that all token exchanges will be publicly registered and the tokenomics defined in smart contracts. This entails a very important step in BBVA’s firsthand experience with the potential related to public blockchain networks.

Institutions across the globe have now started warming up to the Ethereum network and other cryptocurrency networks to help promote various programs.

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