South Korean Messaging App Tests New DApp Creator For The Masses

South Korean messaging application, Kakao is hell bent on increasing the adoption of blockchain or distributed ledger technology by targeting the way users engage with the technology and by making it more accessible to them.

Kakao announced in September of 2018, that they are introducing a test net of Klaytn, their new solution to create new decentralized applications or DApps. Klaytn, which is a subsidiary of their project Ground X will be fully launched by the first quarter of this year after a series of trials.

A statement from Ground X states that, “Klaytn UX seeks to improve the inconvenient UX of existing blockchain platforms by allowing average end-users to experience blockchain technology in the most seamless way.”

“The easy Klaytn UX eliminates the traditional inconveniences including wallets, private keys, and cryptograph addresses in order to lower the barriers to blockchain technology for normal end-users,” further reads the statement.

The company aims to make sure that Klaytn is not only accessible to the consumer but also ensures a “friendly developer environment”, that contains all kinds of toolkits and tutorials required for efficient blockchain service development.

It also features what the company calls, an “incentivised blockchain co-work community” called BLASQ,  that will allow users to answer various questions and reap in Klay token as a reward. According to Kakao, the goal is to make their product one that is readily available to the end consumer by providing the best speed and performance by the DApps.

According to Ground X, as opposed to the slow speeds of both the Ethereum and Bitcoin servers, Klaytn’s block interval is timed at an astounding speed of “less than one second” which means it can make around 1,500 transactions per second.  Klaytn also aims to separate Consensus Nodes and Ranger Nodes in order to block the replication process and add increased efficiency to the consensus.

Ranger Nodes are in charge of the down load of new blocks that do not require any consensus where as Consensus Nodes contain service providers and are responsible for consensus.

Jason Han, CEO of Ground X said, “The popularisation of blockchain requires providing a practical blockchain service for mass adoption thereby validating the value and utility of blockchain technology.”


“In order to achieve this, we have designed Klaytn that can provide an easy and friendly environment for end-users, service providers, and developers all at the same time, and we will successively feature most advanced services with our partners.”

Klaytn, who’s name was derived from the words, ‘clay’ and ‘stone’ hopes to act as an enriched playground for blockchain developers to research on and advance the applications of the technology.


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