Some Ridiculous Blockchain Uses

There are more than 1800 cryptocurrencies out there in the world. The blockchain technology is one the rise as well. You do know how the trend to decentralize has been pretty viable But, now people are running out of ideas and concepts to blockchainify. Yes, we just made that word up!

Over the past few years, all the overly ambitious entrepreneurs have looked for ways to use this ground-breaking technology. We’re talking about adult cam models, board games, online shopping and much more.

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So, what does that really mean and what are we really babbling about? We’ve tried to gather the most ridiculous blockchain uses ever happened on the face of this planet. Without any further ado, we present to you the most unorthodox happenings you might have seen on the blockchain.

Banking History in Danger

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We won’t take any names! But, a bank was trying to put all their customers data on the blockchain. The incentive was simple. It was to make it possible for the customers to use every banking app out there. Why it was impossible? It would mean that customers banking history would be on the blockchain and available to the public to see. In our book, its an outrageous use of this technology.

A Token that Gives a Fudge

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The silliest idea ever! Someone came up with a token that gives a Fuck. What is it really? It’s a basically a community that offers support to the people who are dealing with some personal issues, no matter what they might be. We have to say, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. There is some deep thought put into it.

People don’t give “a fuck anymore” and just to show your friends or family that you truly and deeply care about their well being. We mean if you “give a fuck” then you can send some Fuck token tips. Your friend is going through a bad breakup? Send her a fuck token or maybe two and watch how the frown turn upside down.

Did Someone Say Iced Tea?

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Ever since we’ve been in the blockchain technology bandwagon, this has to be one of the funniest things we’ve heard. A company named Long Island Iced Tea, popular for send non-alcoholic beverages to its customers, decided to change their name to Long Blockchain. We wonder what came over this company?

But, guess what??? Just like that, the stock prices of the company shooted up to 289% overnight. All they mentioned was their interest in experimenting and investing in the blockchain technology. Man, this shows the current craze around cryptocurrency and blockchain. Iced tea and blockchain technology are not even in the same area zone. Who knew, by just adding the the word blockchain to its name would help to boost it’s stock.

A job

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There are so many platforms that play matchmaker to help people find the perfect job for them. Sure, its seems like the perfect idea to find yourself a job which will perfectly match your salary requirements But, do you even know these services are not free. Anyone can pay in crypto to interact and be a part of these platforms.

The whole idea behind it? A person has to make payments before they can view the profiles of the applicants.Similarly, if you’re an applicant you will have to pay to get listed on the platform to be a part of it in the first place. However, things would be run more smoothly and the screening process will be much easier because it’ll be all digital.

So, do you know of any more ridiculous use cases of the blockchain technology? Comment below!

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