“Software Engineering in Bitcoin Beats Financial Engineering And Will Continue To Do So For Times To Come”, Claims Anthony Pompliano

The founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano comes back with a rigid statement which can be put as a clear difference between the current financial establishment versus the digitally, software engineered crypto platform. Pomp circles a recent news where the Federal Reserve Chairman sounded off that he would not budge even a bit in case the President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump told him to resign. As much political controversy that this can bring to the President, it certainly opened another case where one can hit the idea as Pomp did, that human emotions are a key factor in deciding the financial flow of our current financial system. This can sometimes bring an adverse aspect towards humans handling a sacred resource as finance for an entire nation. Luckily, as Pomp suggests, the crypto platform is software engineered and do not pay any heed to human emotions that can otherwise get in the way of handling finance the right way. BlockPublisher got to the task of gathering some words from the man himself surrounding him setting crypto a step ahead in the crypto versus fiat debate.

We see the Federal Reserve Chairman claiming that he will not abide by the President’s decision of him resigning if it ever came to that. We are extremely fortunate that Bitcoin operates under the mathematics and other scientific elements rather than impaired human emotions. Software engineering beats financial engineering all day, every day!

Pompliano is among the crypto saints who has backed bitcoin since day one stating that only bitcoin is the true crypto and will eventually rise up to tackle the fiats. Bitcoin works under straight science which has been automated by software engineers and maintained as such without any political personality overseeing the entire process. This brings the finance in front of the public as it is which exactly is the concept of financial democracy that cryptos have been preaching since the time bitcoin emerged out of the blue with Satoshi Nakamoto being the one to coin it firstly.

The situation with the Federal Reserve Chairman involving in politics giving out remarks that can affect his performance, regardless of his political views about the current President of the United States of America. With bitcoin comes software automation which aside from taking the operation pace higher, brings the key factor of averting any human damage that might be terrorism or political.

Mohammad Shazil

A Riverside, CA born Electrical Engineer who bears the passion to write over every happening around. A crypto zealot. Shazil is the sub-editor of BlockPublisher news. Contact the editor at editor.news@blockpublisher.com

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