Social Media Will Surrender To Blockchain Now!

Do you remember to check your news feed before you’re about to sleep? Everyone does! It has rather become a habit where we find ourselves endlessly scrolling through our news feed 24/7. Bored? Check Instagram. Eating out? Post a snap on Snapchat. Travelling? Post a check-in on Facebook. Yeap! That’s how it is and for us it has become extremely important to share the tinniest of details from our lives with the virtual world.

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It’s no surprise that billions of people use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social networks. The best part of  all these platforms is that you’re to use it all the time with no restrictions!

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But there is huge red alert! All these services are plagued with many problems such as data harvesting, privacy and content censorship. In fact, this has made people aware of the reality and some have started to cut back on their social media time.

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But, if you’re one of those who can’t breathe without posting a snap every 4 hours? Then don’t be scared, Blockchain has the ability to fix it all!

All Boundaries Of Ethics Crossed

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The one given problem that the users have to constantly worry about is having no control over their data. But the social network platform owners benefit and gain profits from all of this. This is how they do it. Once the user has made an account on the social network all their personal information and control over the content has been lost!

The total control is in the hands of the social network owners who gets to decide what is viewed by the user and what is not. They gain profits from their users without the users’ consent, which is completely unethical.


No denying here, but privacy has been a huge problem for all the users. Users are scared that their personal information will be leaked and used against them. The current social networks are proving to have poor security which not only stresses the users, but will affect the growth of social networks in the future.

Point of Failure

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Hackers are everywhere. No social network is safe from hackers. They can have one point of attack, which leads them to having hundreds of user’s information’s. This is why social media networks have always been vulnerable to attackss. For example, in 2012 a hacker broke into the LinkedIn network and got away with some 6.5 million encrypted passwords. That definitely is more serious than it sounds. But, blockchain technology has been the long awaited cure for all your troubles. Just give it a chance!


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The blockchain mean’s our well! With blockchain every transaction will be tracked and audited by several servers and developers which is why it is impossible for anyone to tamper with the data. The blockchain actually eliminates the control of platforms by single entities which is much unsafe and can be easily hacked into. When all we are really trying is to dodge the hackers!

Control over data

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By eliminating intermediaries, users can have the access to own and control their data. Blockchain technology will ensure that whatever you will post on your social network can be traced and never be duplicated. And if you want to delete it, it is deleted from the system which is amazing as no unauthorized third parties can benefit from it. So what more do you need?

Now that the control is in your hands, you get to choose whatever kind of content you like to see. And you don’t have to go through the trouble of unnecessary content and advertisements on your platform. This is all we wanted all along and we can get it once the blockchain technology finds it way at the popular social media platforms.

What do you think? Will the blockchain technology be adopted by the popular social media platforms?

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