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Raise your hands up! C’mon! Raise your hands up if you’re a die hard soccer fan!

If, yes! Then there is something extremely cool and rad in store for you. Are you ready for it?

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Now all the soccer fans can have their very own Digital Sports Cards! All the crypto-soccer enthusiasts, these are especially for you. You can have your very own cards which are extremely unique and rare.

Digital collectibles are the new hip trend in the crypto-world. These cards can be collected, traded and will stay with you forever no matter what. The creator of these cards have made sure to use the blockchain technology at its best because of which the cards have impressive and unusual properties.

The Creators

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Gianni and Ben, are two firm crypto-believers. We’re living in an increasingly divided world, but there is an undeniable power in bringing people together when they share the same passion for anything. In this case, its soccer. The world is filled with die hard soccer fans and they all can come together for one cause: Soccer!

Their idea for CryptoStrikers was a direct inspiration from Panini stickers. How every four years soccer fans scramble in an effort to collect the entire set of Panini stickers, creating a trading economy that surpasses color, class and creed.

The Unique Properties

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Realizing the potential and love people have for sports, how it provides moments of joy and trading cards helps in immortalizing those moments. The creators came up with the idea of a blockchain-based sports trading card game CryptoStrikers. These digital sports cards have impressive new properties that are uniquely unlocked by the blockchain. These properties have served as guiding principle throughout the development of this awesome digital sports card game.

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Unlike other trade offs, who build on the blockchain just for the sake of it and doesn’t have anything exciting inreturn for the users. Ganini and Ben have tried their best to make sure these digital sports cards are worth collecting with properties that are enabled by the blockchain. So, that their holders would also find pride and joy in collecting them.

Never Lose Your Cards EVER!

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We’re living in an extremely digital world, where things we own live online and hosted on servers we have control over. There is always the possibility the online services we rely on can shut down or lose our data.

But, guess what? CryptoStrikers provides true digital ownership to everyone. Each of the cards takes the form of an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain, unlike a database entry on a centralized system. This means one thing, as long as you control the card in your digital wallet.

No matter what happens, aliens land on your planet, there is an apocalypse or CryptoStrikers vanishes (not saying it will happen, its all hypothetical) You have control over your cards forever. You can showoff your unique card collection on your profile page, because the cards are yours.

You Can Know If Your Sports Cards Are Rare

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You see, there is something about scarcity. You want the best of the best and the rarest of the rarest. It’s a rather weird fundamental desire to have something no one else has. It makes you feel empowered and unique. Since, CryptoStrikers is built on the blockchain and all the data lives on the blockchain. Anyone can see it and anyone can verify the circulating supply of the cards.

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The good news is, there will never be a inflation in the supply of cards ever. There is a hardcore issuance limit instilled into the smart contract of CryptoStrikers. Whats even better, the CryptoStrikers team can issue rare special cards to the fans who are present at any future sports events. How cool is that? It’s the best of both worlds: the real and the virtual. Isn’t it?

You Can Trust The Trading

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Considering how soccer is a global sport, the trading of cards will be global. CryptoStrikers obviously allows the trading of cards to happen between anyone from anywhere in the world. But, the question remains. How secure is the trading? After all the sports cards are unique and no one wants to lose them because the system is flawed and not secured the way it should be.

The internet is a great place to share information, but there are intermediaries always involved to get you what you want. Be it a Panini sticker on Ebay or an original signatory by your favorite player. Then there is always the chance of being it fake.

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But, because CryptoStrikers has a built in trading feature which will allow all the sports card holders to securely swipe cards with each other between their wallets without any middlemen involved. This way there will never be a possibility of receiving a fake card in return either. The users basically create a “cryptographically” signed trade off-chain, then can share the trade on their social media like Discord, Twitter and Reddit or just directly with their friends.

Whatever swing their boat, the idea is to inform people about the trade. Whoever will be interested in the trade will take that signature to CryptoStrikes smart contract for an on-chain settlement. This way the cards will be exchanged securely, easily and quickly between the wallets. It’s a clear cut trade with no hassle and no risks.


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You know how physical trading cards can only be place in an album. You can show it off to a few people. Until and unless you’re planning to carry around the album everywhere you go, you can’t do much and show it to much people. However, digital sports cards offer you a lot more than that. While most of the current digital sports cards platform isolated in a specific company’s server and the owner of the cards can only use it in ways the company allows.

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But, the ERC-721 specification has opened up a way for entirely rare digital assets, that are built on a public ledger (blockchain is a ledger, in case you didn’t know or forgot.) This means anyone can which CryptoStrikers cards anyone own and can incorporate it into their own games, without the permission of the CryptoStrikers creators.The creators of the game wants it users to build games and applications on top of the cards they own.

Head down to CryptoStrikers and start your unique collection right away!

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