Six Tiny Thoughts On Cryptos

Yazzz! This was long over due i feel. I have had so many great experiences studying the art of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. All the gloomy things about the future i heard about and i knew of were easily shed in the process. So i wanted to share some of it, perhaps it could help you in the process of acquiring knowledge and shunning local myths and scams.

Here are my favorite ideas, in no particular order.

1. They will extend power to the youngest fractions of the world. 

Imagine if your baby cousin could set up an account and use their crypto account to make transactions such as of selling their unused birthday gifts on a decentralised Ebay. Brilliant, right?

2. They will change how we live and the exposure of other countries that we have access to.

For example through YouTube channels from other countries we can learn about their cultures, toys and what not. Cryptos allow the bridge between having the exposure and actually owning the tangible products by acting an international mode of payment.

3. They help in bringing a leapfrog evolution in all economies.

This means that people can buy what they feel like in poorer and under developed countries. They can earn by using mining equipment or selling their computing power among other things. Their living standards and economic affluence will improve, this not only empowers but also builds a bridge between their past and the future of the world, giving them instant and fast paced success. This brings the whole world together and gels the globe better.

4. They are a way to fight dictatorial regimes.

This means that if a person has earned a lot of cryptos and they are sick of their local mafia or government or horrible local or national regimes, they can easily buy a ticket with those cryptos and secretly move out of the economy without causing any alarms and despite red alerts. This can be helpful for journalists and reporters who acquire some sensitive data and need to get out of the area before corrupt people can snub them or at worse, kill them.


5. The give back the power to those putting in the hard work. 

Governments of economies have been known to fill the public treasuries with taxes and banning imports and sometimes discouraging consumerism. Any individual who puts in the effort should be able to decide how they would like to spend their money. Cryptos an the difficulty in being taxed make them a good solution for people to take back the ownership and control of their economic power back in their hands.

6. They help in giving people an alternative mode of payment. 

This means, that i no longer need to rely on banks. Neither do you. This also means that the cut out of my money that the bank would have kept is now all mine. The alternative gives people the power back to them. This means that the traditional system is not the dominant anymore.

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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