SingularityNET and Weeve Partner Up to Provide AI as a Service

The partnership to leave "the power in the hands of the consumers.”

Last week, in their medium blog post, SingularityNET announced their partnership with Weeve. The partnership has been done with a mutual view between the two companies about providing Artificial Intelligence as a Service.

SingularityNET is a company working to not only connect Artificial Intelligence developers with businesses around the world with the help of the blockchain technology but also to create a vast economy of Artificial Intelligence services. While, Weeve being based in Berlin, monetizes data as a trade-able, digital asset, which can become a part of transaction processes through the blockchain technology.

The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is highly dependent upon the Internet of Things (IoT), the vice versa is also true. Machine-to-machine interactions in the form of transactions can only occur if a machine has the awareness about how to do so. Hence, the partnership will likely pace up the development of the machine economy this world is heading towards. However, the partnership is more than that. By collaborating together, SingularityNET and Weeve hope to provide AI as a Service, a facility for the people and other work systems (like businesses).

The collaboration between SingularityNET and Weeve is driven by three key rationales:

  • The mutual necessity to deliver AI as a Service (AIaaS).
  • The necessity for customized AI solutions.
  • Growing a partner ecosystem at the intersection of complex data models and AI.

The driving people behind this partnership are the CEO of SigularityNET, Dr. Ben Goertzel and the CTO of Weeve, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Gajekeze.

With the aid of this partnership, the development of AI services will be done on a secure and an attested layer. While SingularityNET will provide the AI services, Weeve will make available the attestation technology and infrastructure for the development of data marketplaces based on blockchain.

Some technical contributions announced in the blog post, made by both the companies in their pursuit to provide AI as a Service are:

  • SingularityNET to provide the framework and expertise in the Artificial Intelligence layer.
  • The AI layer to act as a gateway between the layers: weeveOS, Machine-to-Machine Data Marketplace, Identity and Digital Twin, Data and Service Exchange and the Privacy-Enhanced IoT Blockchain.
  • SingularityNET to provide algorithms for Autonomous Economic Self-organising Agents and Service exchange protocol to unlock data the development of artificial intelligence.

In light of this collaboration, Dr. Goertzel shared:

“IoT is going to be a very major application area for SingularityNET going forward — the intelligent global brain isn’t going to live only in server farms and laptops, but in all sorts of networked devices. .The partnership of SingularityNET with Weeve gives a concrete way for the two projects to explore ways to bring AI and IoT together in various applications. Bringing AI and IoT together within the decentralized software/hardware ecosystem rather than the big-company ecosystem is critical not only for providing maximally adaptive and intelligent functionality, but also for keeping the control of data gathered by IoT devices in the hands of the consumer. Privacy-enabled AI operating within SingularityNET using homomorphic encryption and multi-party computation, working together with Weeve’s unique model for secure computation, will enable the promise of the intelligent internet of things to be delivered while leaving the power in the hands of the consumers.” 

Qirat Ayaz

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