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Crypto Axies or the Axie Infinity allows users to own their own pets. These are real pets, they have real needs, you need real money for it, you can sell in exchange for real money, you can make profits on it by selling it for real money as well, the game has a reward system. There are mini games, there are mini arcades within the larger game, and the game allows multiple external contexts and sponsored events to take place within and beyond it for the user to remain immersed and interested.

Influenced by the Tamagotchi of the childhood of its makers, they wanted to ensure that the players could interact with their Axies by raising and caring for them. All pets deserve Tender Love an Care after all. Players are able to bathe, feed, and play with their Axies for small and fun rewards.

Unfortunately, the traditional gaming has not been successful in crafting immersive experiences. This is being over come by games such as Axie Infinity.

Players can enjoy games as a cooperate or compete through features like quests, duels, etc. It offers dynamic options to play.

The life of these in the adventure mode and the terrarium (their homes) mode allow them to grow in terms of their experience points and levels of the game. The growth translates in a battle mode as well. The traits learnt and the creative or unique attributes translate in the battlefield making Axie’s some very cute little fierce furballs.

Players have complete ownership of their Axies. This allows them to be able to trade and sell them smoothly and securely.

To add fun to the game, the game allows Environment Customization. This means that the homes or the land of the Axie can be custom designed. The home is called the Terrarium. This is the place of the Axie’s raising, growing and adventure.

Axies live in their own artificial environment called Terrarium. Terrarium is a 6×6 area with various terrains like grassland, sea shore, highland, or arctic. Each terrain will power up certain types of Axie. You can also decorate your Terrarium with special items.

These furballs have a mixed range of characteristics and bodily features. All features serve some open and some secretive functions. The four categories of body parts are known to us so four: Common Parts, Legendary,  Rare Parts, & Ultra Rare Parts.

Users help in growing their Axies From egg to larvae, just like Sims. Then the larvae turns to petite Axie with a little care, and then finally a complete adult Axie. Adult Axies can find love, great matches and make even more cuter lil’ Axies.

The experience points are my favorite bit, they help in character’s level up, also in battlefield traits and pet development, which adds the real life feel to it, only a lot more fictionally-perfect and beautifully imaginative.

The perfect combo between real and virtual? 

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