Simple Token (OST) Successfully Pulls in 66 Entrepreneurs to Build Apps on Top of Their Platform

The Simple Token (OST) is probably the most promising side-chain of Ethereum that allows any business to create their own tokenized economy without getting into hardcore blockchain tech.

In late March this year, OST team had announced a reward program to incentivize app developers for using their platform to develop tokenized economies within their apps. These developers were not required to 100% complete their apps but to come up with a great idea to build on top of OST platform and provide a proof of concept (POC) by May 25th.

100 developers were intended to signup for the program where they would have been rewarded with 50,000 OST Tokens each. The success of this developer on-boarding can be observed in the stats shared by the OST blog post stating that they received 250 applications from around the world. 142 out of these 250 app developers were selected to participate in the program.

These 142 developers were required to produce and submit half-way videos of their projects by May 1st and 86 out of 142 projects were able to submit these half-way videos. The playlist of these videos can be viewed here:

According to the terms of OST developer reward or developers on-boarding program, these projects were required to complete their POC by May 25th and 66 out of the 86 projects, that were through the half-way video, were able to submit their POC videos as well. The playlist of these POC videos can also be viewed here:

The 66 out of 142 projects coming up with their final POC within the stipulated time frame is a pretty good success rate on behalf of OST. They managed to pull in entrepreneurs who are ready to build consumer and business apps with real-life use cases on top of OST platform.

The final results of this developer reward program will be available on June 11th (as mentioned in the newsletter). I’m super excited about OST because they actually are doing something in the blockchain space by building a true community of developers and entrepreneurs who are not interested in short-term trading gains (as almost all of crypto enthusiasts are) but aspire to make a difference in this space.

If you’re one of those who missed out on OST’s developer program, you can participate in its phase III and become a part of blockchain community that is actually doing something;

Didn’t make the selection? Not to worry: Sign up to apply for Alpha III > https://goo.gl/PUeD41


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