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Silk Token to be Available for Trading on HitBTC in October

Big news related to SilkChain and Silk community just came out as Silk token will be available for trading on HitBTC on the 10th of October 2018. Silk token listing news on one of the top crypto exchanges is massive for the ever-growing Silk community that will have a snowball effect in terms of exchange listing as seen in other cases.

Talking to BlockPublisher Silk community member Zheng Tao said;

We’re hoping Silk listing on other major exchanges will soon follow as it’ll only validate the acceptance of SilkChain

The news came out as HitBTC tweeted from their official Twitter handler that stated;

We are glad to announce that @SilkChain_IO Silk token will be available for trading on #HitBTC platform starting from 10 October.

SilkChain’s idea originally came from Silk road, to provide smooth flow of information more importantly to ease trade between SMEs with the help of blockchain technology. Lack of trust is the only genuine major issue related to cross-border trades and SilkChain solves it seamlessly. Blockchain comes handy in this situation as the information sharing makes the whole process completely transparent from transportation to payments.

Regarding SilkChain’s prospects Tao added;

SilkChain is striving to install a global merchant credit system and supply chain financial system that’ll promote digital trade and create limitless business opportunities.

HitBTC is among the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges providing high volume of transactions, top-notch security and reasonable fees. The Hong Kong based exchange has been operational since 2013, way before cryptocurrency hype. HitBTC’s high performance tech and security are key features of its success over the years.

Tao further stated;

There’s absolutely no doubt that Silk listing on HitBTC will be monumental for Silk community as HitBTC platform has always been proven to be reliable, powerful and fast. The platform that is currently trading in more than 300 cryptocurrencies speaks for its reliability and cutting-edge technology.

The listing news is warmly welcomed among all quarters of SilkChain from token holders to merchants but only time will decide how much beneficial it will be for Silk Token keeping in mind the transaction and withdrawal fees that will be charged by the platform.

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