SIDERA Blockchain Technologies Becomes a Part of IBM’s Incubation Program

SIDERA Blockchain Technologies, the first to incorporate decentralization into wearable devices, subdues a milestone as the International Business Machines Cooperation appends SIDERA with its incubation program. SIDERA Blockchain sides with IBM in order to bring the user of their platform a better version of their genesis product and ‘change the rules of the game’ so to speak.

The International Business Machines Cooperation aims to add up to the already existing network of SIDERA in terms of technology and business logic. IBM intends to cater for SIDERA’s technology with its own hardware, developers and infrastructure. The SIDERA team interviewed their own founder in order to get a brief overview as to why the recent interaction was instated to begin with. He responded with two answers explaining what IBM saw in SIDERA to initiate the cooperation and vice versa.

IBM is a company that has laid the foundations of modern computing. It has a great history, always at the top of the world’s technological panorama and today it is demonstrating great foresight by strongly encouraging Blockchain technology.
In Sidera, IBM saw everything they were looking for: innovation, safety and a structured team in every department. The collaboration was a natural consequence.

The second query was for the founder of SIDERA to clear the dust from the fact based on which SIDERA decided to side with IBM in the first place describing openly the perks and the benefits that comes with associating with some organization bearing the potential as IBM does. IBM catered for the project which fortunately turned out to be SIDERA’s.

Sidera is the world’s first commercial IoT device that includes Blockchain and NFC payments. The main objective of the project is scalability, allowing users the ability to interface with an entire ecosystem of services. In order to do this we need an infrastructure which can support such a sophisticated level of functionality. Sidera has therefore looked up to the greater global realities and IBM was able to supply its cloud network, as well as providing great resources in terms of technologies and development.
IBM is everything that Sidera has been looking for..

The symbiotic interaction was in a nutshell, established as one party sought to invest in the upcoming technological breakthrough of the century whilst the other opted to seek better global opportunities and technical perks associated with the symbiosis. The SIDERA founder shed light over the future of this interaction as to what does later times hold for both the parties and what fruit is expected to yield out of this. SIDERA was of the view that the future is decided by what we sow today to be reaped immensely in the future. IBM grasped the concept of wearing the blockchain technology and invested in it as it sure is the next big thing that surrounds the major portion of the technological chronology of this era.

The future is today. With the possibility of wearing the revolutionary technology of the Blockchain, integrating innovative functions directly on the wrist and in a completely “smart” way, we have the possibility to change the way millions of people live their life. IBM understood the potential of this project and has interest in supporting our long-term growth.

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