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Sidera Announces to Donate 1% of its ICO Raised Funds to WWF Through AidChain

Sidera Blockchain Tehnologies, a company focused at developing decentralized wearable devices, has announced that it will be donating 1% of its initial coin offering (ICO) raised funding to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) through the usage of the platform AidChain.

Sidera’s ICO is currently in progress and is scheduled from September 1-30. Full traceability of the transferred funds will be provided by the AidChain platform. Before Sidera, Canya has also donated its tokens of worth $26,000 through the usage of AidChain.

In the official announcement blog post made by AidCoin, it is stated by Francesco Nazari Fusetti, the co-founder and chief executive offer of Aidcoin that:

“We are very proud of Sidera’s decision to commit a donation as it really shows the team’s human values that are also inherent to crypto itself. We are thrilled to share this news with our communities and attract more attention to this initiative, in the hopes of making this a common practice not only among international corporations but also crypto startups.”

AidChain is a platform aimed at providing a secure and transparent ecosystem for charities, causes, donors and projects across the world utilizing the usage of cryptocurrencies. It connects the nonprofit communities across the world with a clear goal of providing donations to different communities while keeping full traceability and auditability. AidChain’s goal is to utilize the ease of use provided by cryptocurrencies for performing the noble task of helping the community.

On the other hand, Sidera focuses on combining the IoT technology with blockchain in order to provide cryptocurrency payments accessible using wearables. SmartBit is a smart watch developed by Sidera which focuses at making crypto exchange and storage accessible and easy for the users using latest technological advancements.

Regarding the initiative of donating 1% of the funding raised to WWF, the founder of Sidera Camillo Piscitelli stated that:

“There are several ways to make good deeds and improve the environment we live in. Thanks to AidCoin and Charitystars we can make use of blockchain technology to actively contribute to the initiatives that have a remarkable impact on our world.
We are proud and honored to devolve 1% of our raised funds to WWF. Their Cause is a cause that all of our team members carry deep in their hearts. Now it is our Cause, too.”

This comes off as great news for the crypto community as such steps will help improve the general perception that cryptocurrencies have in the general public.

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