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Sia Coin is Having a Hard Fork Later this Month

Sia, the blockchain cloud storage provider is recently going through a lot of updates to make the platform a better place for utility and for better customer experience. For instance, they updated their platform to make it prone from sybil attacks a few days back. In other news, Sia has decided to reset their Proof of Work algorithm to “brick the Bitmain and Innosilicon ASIC hardware.” The decision was made by in-depth discussions with the community. The change will be implemented by a fork. Although the point of the fork was raised back in January but upon the community’s consensus, the event is happening later this month. Explaining the fork, Luke Champine from Sia stated,

It is a hard fork: if you do not update, your node will reject new transactions as invalid, so you’ll end up on a different chain.

The fork would be activated on 31st of October this year. According to Sia,

Nebulous (Parent company of Sia) will release v1.3.6 of siad and Sia-UI at least two weeks prior to the fork. v1.3.6 will be identical to v1.3.5 except for the inclusion of fork-related code, making it easy for dissenting forks to build on top of v1.3.5.

According to Sia, they would be helping those who want to update to the new versions, however, there would be no airdrops for the community. Maintainers of dissenting forks can promote their fork through airdrops if they want though. Sia is hopeful that the exchanges would support this fork as they simply need to update to v1.3.6 of siad when it is released.

The only thing that comes in the way is that renters would not be able to form contracts with hosts of the other fork. Some hosts would move to a different chain which would be replaced by new hosts by the software update.

Talking to BlockPublisher, Luke Champine stated that he supported the fork and the decision by the community for a better ecosystem. He continued,

I support the fork — we need to send a strong message to ASIC manufacturers that they must collaborate with networks, not parasitize them.

You can read details about the fork here!

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