Show Some Love To The Bad Guys In Crypto

Are you not stoked after seeing this? Great news for money launderers, loan sharks, extortionists and drug cartels, you will be accepted and welcomed. Time is running out for them, be sympathetic. What? How?  Slow down and head down below!

Not all countries in the world are ruled alike. One of our readers may be from Jamaica whilst the other may be reading out in London. The world is a diverse and super complex place. People would like to be equal but, they are not. The rules that make them, the principles that guide them make them different!

Governments run on motive, sometimes they are selfish and self motivated, sometimes they really want to do good in the economy or the country, In the middle of all of this lies their legislature. Bad legislature leads to a bad rule of law. Similarly, the good leads to a better one. Some laws are up to date, and they deal with the latest nuances that go on in the world or the society. Some laws are stale or weak. They are old. Thus they make a weak foundation for the country to stand on. This makes the legal situation different in all countries.

People who perform all the shady tasks via cryptofunds, like tax evasion, taking dowries, converting illegal monies to legal, selling drugs, betting and spot fixing, cut them all some slack! They ‘all are babies, let the network mature and it will become a self cleansing one.

Cryptocurrency was not created for all these perpetrators. It was created for all. It is a thing of the future that sees no difference in people because, the way it functions, all are treated equally. The good and the bad, both may co-exist on the networks of cryptocurrency in our little big world of cryptos.

Both, the regulators and the users are facing these issues currently, because it all is a new system. Nonetheless, it needs refinements that are slowly coming to it. It is a young kid and to develop its ruling morals and guiding principles will take time and it is a slow process. It is becoming a sophisticated and beautifully knit fabric of rules, morality and standards. And it will overcome all issues.

Even though it is seen as an analogy to the internet technology. Internet is yet to overcome its own issues such as child pornography, safety and stalking and digital rights protection. But, the way blockchain needs remedy, it will acquire and all things will be under control.

The network needs a better regulation system. The people they need better tolerance for the bad, until it gets handled and resolved and the spectators must watch in awe and silence until the performance is smooth and flawless. Good things take time, yes, cliched, so what! In a new light is always cool.

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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