SETL, a Blockchain Firm, Appoints Christian Noyer, Former Governor of French Central Bank

SETL is a British startup that was founded in 2015. It aimed to link the financial industry with the blockchain. At the moment, SETL allows the transfer of payment among people by facilitating the procedures related to the market transactions. Moreover, it also updates a permissioned distributed ledger of ownership and transaction records. The blockchain-based startup has recently welcomed governor of the Banque De France, Christian Noyer, to be a member of the board of directors. He was also the vice president of the European Central Bank.

Besides Christian, now there are five other members of the board that includes Sir David Walker, Rachel Lomax, Stuart Irving, Ed Richards and Martin Clements. The CEO of SETL, Philippe Morel was found bullish on the induction of Christian to SETL’s team. While going all praise for the new team member, Morel stated that Christian was their new technological lead. Sir David Walker was excited on the joining of Christian as well. As Christian holds experience in financial, economic management, regulatory and central banking world, David expects a substantial contribution from Christian.

Christian Noyer looks forward to helping SETL. He stated that with SETL’s technological leadership and experience a singular proposition is brought forward. Overall, he regarded the initiative to be interesting and said that he would be devoting his expertise to provide assistance.

This week, besides the hiring of Christian, another hiring took place that involved the founder of Ethereum and ConsenSys, Joe Lubin. ErisX has appointed Joe and Cris Conde as its board of directors. Joe stated that he would be bringing his expertise and experience with decentralized technologies and assets so that access to digital assets can be further democratized by ErisX.

The CEO of ErisX, Tom Chippas was optimistic about the joining as well. He expressed his thoughts on the matter by telling that ErisX would be benefitting from unique perspectives offered by Joe and Cris. Now the board of directors of ErisX comprises of Joe Lubin, Cris Conde, Tom Chippas, Don Wilson and Antonio Gracias.

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