Self Employment, Resource Optimization and Happiness!

New technology always opens people up to new and enormous amounts of exposure, ideological and intellectual expansion, disruption and resource optimization.

Blockchain has brought on a whole ecosystem of various developers, investors and planners in no time. The young and nubile industry has brought on a whole new level of jobs and career opportunities for people. This is not only in the tech department, but also in other spheres such as in culture, writing, art and music.

Blockchain tech has transcended into several industries, these include some of the already saturated labor markets such as health, e-sports, music, finance and computing. The aggregate demand of the global society is ever expanding. This expanding demand and a whole new industry means that more people can now join the newest workforce of all time, the blockchain industry. The blockchain industry is more advance in terms of its concept, technology, guiding principles and the generation of people associated with it, than the silicon valley ventures, apps and mobile tech in general, scientific breakthroughs and what not.

This industry is harboring fresh talent because of all of the realms it has opened by building notions such as Trust-less entities, Digital Trust, Digital Scarcity, Permission-less innovation, Decentralization and Transparency via public ledgers.

Here is a list of some of the new entrants in to the market, majority of these could not have sustained their ideas through the traditional media and internet channels, due to an absence of the factors mentioned above. So here we go!

  • Digital artists and painters – Picasso Grade
  • Copywriters and Literary personnel for writing works that are original and unique
  • Gamer makers – Particularly the crypto-collectible designer kind – Nothing like a collectible digital asset existed before
  • Tech Filmmakers and Music Producers – Not only labels but whole communities of digital content creators are now springing up on the blockchain based Reddit, YouTube and Facebook, This should soon return to the traditional channels, once they upgrade themselves to decentralised network
  • Service industry – IBM was able to create systems for good and fresh produce surety, these are employed at Walmart and 50 plus retailers and hyper markets
  • Online dating, food critics, ride-hailing platforms, delivery systems – Developers are streamlining production methods and ways to transform these industries to improve the quality of service in ways that were not possible before without digital trust and decentralization
  • Financial experts like you – Blockchain has turned all people into financial experts of subjects of speculation, betting and making memes, you and i both qualify for this. Apps have been developed to help people make extra crypto thousands, to enjoy their life their way, using their instincts and hunches.
  • Digital content creators, whose content is plagiarism-proof. This means that if you are investing your brain into ideas and your job is creative, you now have the power to protect your intellectual creative property with technology in an effective manner. No this was not possible before, so the demoralized ones never tried, but now they can and this is a whole new job or career choice now!

Have you got any in your head? We would like to know, drop a message down below! 😀

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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