Scanetchain Is The Future Of Shopping Experience

Blockchain-based startups are launching all over the world, and today’s digital world is rapidly adapting Blockchain technology solutions. Scanetchain is the latest Blockchain technology using an Augmented Reality (AR) platform to link real-life physical objects to the digital online world. It is the third generation of high-end Blockchain technology which will enhance the connection between the offline environment to an online medium and merging content, social networking, shopping, and advertising experiences into one AR platform.

Scanetchain AR Dapp

Scanetchain is World’s first Hybrid AR Decentralized App (Dapp), which is based on NEM Blockchain. Basically, it will digitally identify products, brands, images, and other content around them and retrieve relevant information, overlaying it on the objects in the real world by scanning the object. Scanetchain Dapp works in following steps when you are shopping.

  • Scan the product by pointing the phone at the product.
  • Access details such as country of origin, manufacturer, price comparison, and shipping information.
  • Interact the product on the Blockchain, like searching, viewing, and purchasing.

Scanetchain is cloud-based AR platform which helps in fast data processing and user don’t have to download the content in order to view the products. The concept of hybrid Blockchain technology connects on-chain and off-chain products and events where users will be able to perform all their usual activities, from uploading photos and videos, viewing ads, receiving rewards, and shopping. All the activities and events will be recorded in the Blockchain.

This Blockchain platform will include a social network, advertising system, e-commerce network, and a digital content distribution feature. It will help Scanetchain plans to expand its network across multiple industries and geographies. Scanetchain is being developed in the US but it is registered in Singapore due to local laws.

You can visit Scanetchain website to get further detailed information.

Muhmmad Furqan

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