Say Hello to Bettergram – A “Better” Version of Telegram

Telegram is a well-renowned messaging app that has been percolating around the world for years now. It employs blockchain technology at its core and has been running around quite well. But is there still any room for improvement? By the looks of it, it seems like Bettergram, a messaging app aimed at providing a better user experience than Telegram, might just one up Telegram in the arena of communication.

Telegram has been famous around the world for quite sometime as it provides a convenient way of communication with channels dedicated to projects and cryptocurrencies. With the ability to discuss different topics on different channels, it has become one of the favorite tool for the community of crypto users. A sleek interface for both mobile and desktop is also provided by Telegram.

As reported before, more and more blockchain-based startups have been focusing on ICOs through private rounds as it is more easy to gain investments through such channels. Telegram has also been active in offering its ICOs with almost $1.7 billion raised through private rounds, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. This news spread around in the crypto world quickly and stirred up a lot of discussion regarding Telegram.

But, there is another player in the game that might just overtake Telegram. It’s Bettergram.


Bettergram is an improved version of Telegram and provides a much better interface for communication as compared to Telegram. It is clearly stated on Bettegram’s website that, “We’ve built an improved version of Telegram Messenger with super helpful features our users absolutely love.”

The biggest issue with Telegram was the intermingling of different channels. Bettergram has solved this issue through the introduction of multiple tabs. Different type of channels can be sorted in different tabs so that they can be accessed easily. Tab categories like groups, favourites, announcements etc. can be used to find the exact conversation that the users wants. As compared to Telegram, the support for pinning up 50 chats can be provided through Bettergram. Previously, in the case of Telegram, the support for pinning up only 5 chats was provided. Such support can easily cancel out the issue of finding missing conversations. Talking to newsBTC, the founder of Bettergram stated that:

So basically I built it because I was super frustrated at missing dms. Communication and networking with new people in crypto essentially goes at a snail’s pace on Telegram because every single person is in 800 groups and channels. Since the channels are more active than DMs, your important private messages (and potentially huge business deals/connections) often get lost.

Anothe edge that Bettergram provides is its ability provide tracking of the top 10 cryptocurrencies across the globe. This price tracking feature comes across as very useful for all the crypto enthusiasts using this platform. When asked about the competition with Telegram, the founder of Bettergram did not hold back from praising the original inspiration Telegram. It was stated that:

Telegram is awesome. They let developers like me build out niched applications on their giant network. Bettergram is better for power users of Telegram because of the features it offers. If you’re in 1000 groups, you have to scroll through to find who messaged you on Telegram. With Bettergram, you just have to click the DM Tab.

The plans for Bettergram are even bigger going into the future. It is aimed at changing the way communication takes place around the crypto space. Further integration of RSS feed and YouTube videos is also aimed by the founder. It was stated in the interview that:

If enough people are using Bettergram, communication flow in this industry improves since you can read your DMs with 1 click. We hope to constantly reiterate and build the best messaging app we can, with the introduction of content integration like RSS feeds and Youtube video feeds.

In a nutshell, the main goal of Bettergram is to provide a better interface and user experience than Telegram. The major reason behind the decision of making Bettergram seems to be the personal issues that its founder faced in Telegram. With accessibility made easier and the price tracking of all the major cryptocurrencies across the world integrated in the platform, Bettergram just might become the platform all the heavyweight crypto enthusiasts were looking for. What remains to be seen is the strategy that Bettergram will take in order to raise its investments. Lets see if it follows Telegram’s way of raising investments through private ICOs or through public ones.

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