SatoshiUnited, ‘the Unconference Celebration’ Set to Bring the Blockchain Community At a Single Platform

A blockchain event that is set to transpire during 22-23rd of October, seeks to provide the blockchain community a way to promote innovation.

SatoshiUnited, a blockchain event that has been self proclaimed by the organizers themselves, as ‘not just a conference but a celebration’, has been set to commence over the course of 22 to 23rd of October, that is the very next month over the calendar. The event is supposed to garner in the blockchain investors, though leaders, solution providers and the entire rest of the blockchain community including the blockchain enthusiasts and the blockchain inspired crypto zealots. SatoshiUnited is no closer to typical traditional blockchain formal conference that features only the top fish of the community without paying any heed to what a regular blockchain fan has to say. SatoshiUnited has been bejeweled with numerous blockchain and crypto personalities but the recent likely addition leaves us all in awe. The following is what SatoshiUnited has to to say about the crypto and blockchain juggernaut.

Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Ethereum and Cardano, entered the cryptocurrency sector when Bitcoin was valued at just over $1. Since then, the infrastructure supporting the market and blockchain systems has changed drastically, at an exponential rate.

SatoshiUnited has been set to be attended by other similarly inspiring personalities, whom the people are supposed to have a direct contact with, checking out the non-conventional conference part of how SatoshiUnited organizers describe it. SatoshiUnited intends to gather blockchain personalities in order to promote long-lasting relationships between investors and developers alike to further excel in this department. Through these ‘unconference’ gatherings, SatoshiUnited is to allow the worthy developers, ‘Networking with the right investors’. The target of SatoshiUnited can be well described in terms of their own words.

Post the event, ‘disruptive,’ ‘revolutionary’ and ’emerging’ will not just be buzzwords. They’ll define your goals.

Recently another group of folks have been linked with SatoshiUnited which is a band of London based blockchain event organizers of a similar sort, the CryptoFriends. CryptoFriends is a group of professionals who join heads in order to bring the crypto and blockchain fanbase the right festival for what inspires them, besides being a platform where the major folks set down to discuss relevant matters with a typical fan who bears a massive amount of questions in his mind. CryptoFriends usually set up two kinds of events titled the Netups and the Hypethons, both featuring difference in their in their gigantism. Netups are casual meet-ups while Hypethons are grand scale events with exclusive music festivals.

We are proud to announce our partnership with SatoshiUnited one of the coolest blockchain event concepts!

Tickets are out for sale for the SatoshiUnited set to commence in the Middle East, the place which SatoshiUnited features heavily for the event as they welcome folks in to cultivate sturdy connections and links all over the dry, rough piece of land.

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