Samba,Bitcoin And Rio; A Truly Wholesome Trio

Imperatriz Leopoldinense, which is one of the most popular samba schools in Rio De Janeiro made a bold move when it chose it’s 2019 theme for Rio De Janeiro’s infamous Carnival. The school which was first established in 1956 chose “Give Me Some Money” as their theme and featured a journey into the history of money.

What’s exciting is that cryptos like Bitcoin made the list as the most current form of digital currency. The carnival which was held from the 2nd till the 9th of March has a rich and vibrant history especially when it comes to it’s out of this world parades. Music and dance are a huge part of the event and so are culture and history.

The school chose this theme in order to better explain the relationship between mankind and our need for a viable system of financial transactions whether it be the ancient stone coins, the process of bartering goods or more recently, digital coins. What this journey also shows us is that cryptos are the assets of the future!

According to the school’s official website, the reasoning behind this bold theme is;

“Our story is about money and its relationship with humans from their invention to the present time. It is, without a doubt, one of the most important instruments in the economic life of nations and people. Imagine what life would be without money. How could we buy and sell, receive and pay, stock up and save for the future, if it did not exist?”

The purpose of this theme isn’t just for the audience to revel in awe at the journey mankind and money have made together but also to shine a light on the current socio economic and political conditions of modern day Brazil which is a country that has had it’s fair share of economic turmoil and problems. Where money can act as a liberating force, it can also be a very divisive force as can be seen from class differentiation and inequalities around the world.

Source; Bitcoin Portal

They further added,

“We will end the parade, speaking of the future, already existing through cryptocurrency — a system of digital resources designed to function as a medium of exchange.

The school’s decision to incorporate cryptos might also have to do with the fact that although a third world nation, Brazil has been quite progressive in it’s crypto regulations lately and things might be looking up for the crypto economy at least.

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