Run on a Blockchain, Burn Some Unhealthy Sh*t!

Bitcoin?? Blockchain?? Fitness?? Say-what??

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You might be wondering to yourself: What does the blockchain technology has to do with the fitness industry? Well, guess what? Wait. That’s a lot question marks in a single row and we might be under the watch of grammar nazis. But, we would take our sweet chances!

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The truth is technology has hit the fitness industry as hard as it could. Therefore, we got to do some thinking. What could possibly happen if all the fitness-junkies start to track their progress on a blockchain? You might be thinking we have taken it a bit too far this time. We might be sounding crazy to you. But, hear us out will ya!

Everyone is Happy

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All we know, fitness apps are the real deal now. From our workout routines to the average number of steps in a day; it’s all stored on a singular app. It’s easier this way, you can track your progress with little to no effort. But The catch is currently all the data collected is on different fitness apps and it’s not cross compatible. What we are really trying to say?

No one can access it except you. However, if all the data is stored on a blockchain platform millions of people could benefit from it. All the data will be in real time and completely true. So, no more fitness scams and empty promises that are quite often made in the fitness industry. People will know, what workout routines and diet plans work out in the best possible way ever! We’re all up for it!

The Perfect Workout Routine

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When we talk about fitness information. We are talking about digitizing everything! Weight loss, fatigue, calories burnt, maximum weight on exercises, diet charts, nutrition and the list goes on. All this information will be available for us to analyze completely. We aren’t saying it isn’t already. That’s what fitness apps are for.

However, my fitness/blockchain junkie. Think big! If we really connect all this information to a blockchain and let smart contracts thoroughly analyze our progress and calculate progress possible in the future. What will we have? The ultimate perfect workout routine. We want that!


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You see, you come up with one solution and that one solution can lead to several other problems. The question is, why would people share their data on the blockchain. The fitness industry is huge and packed with big money. No one would like to give their livelihood away for free, especially fitness trainers.

The social media is filled with fitness trainers giving free advice and workout routines. Only, they leave major chunks of important information out. They get you hooked, draw you in with hopes but you’ll have to pay some cash to get all the information necessary to start your fitness journey.

That’s why a reward mechanism would be a great idea. The reward could be for trainers to find their target audience and once the acceptability of the blockchain increases in the fitness industry. Everyone will get hooked to it to be a part of the change. Also, all the beginners who are shy to share their progress would be rewarded too and this way the platform will be maintain itself automatically

Your Friend and Family Could Track Your Progress Too. Yikes!

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For instance, if the physical and the digital identity is paired it can a be great motivational boost. Anyone could check out your progress. You might be thinking, that could be a downside. But, hey! It’ll be good for you. Once you’re on your fitness journey, you’re bound to hit setbacks such as a weight loss plateau. In moments of self-doubt your fam could boost you up and you’ll get back on track in no time.

Let us know what you think? Hands down, we think it could be great for the fitness industry and for all the fitness junkies too.

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