Roger Ver Has His Say On the BCH Hardfork

Well into the 6th day following the much anticipated Bitcoin Cash hard fork, the community is still split in discussion. According to statistics, there have been 852 blocks mined since the consensus rules shifted and the ABC chain is just about ahead. While it has taken up a mixed response from the community, experts are just as irritated with the lack of maturity shown by leaders of both parties engaged in the hash war.

Most recently, proclaimed “Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver had his say on the fork and suggested that it could end up being a total disaster for both the Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin. Roger was talking to BlockPublisher’s media partner EAK TV at the Decentralized 2018 and said:

[This] hard fork could wind up being like Y2K. The upcoming fork was a monumental moment that could either be wonderful or a total disaster for both Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin core (BTC).

Roger well and truly chose to sit on the fence, rather than pick out whether this is the right thing to do or a disaster in waiting. He revealed:

Maybe I’ll be well off base. Maybe I’ll be exactly right with that semi-educated guess. We’ll find out.

Bitcoin Cash splits almost every six months, but this hard fork lacks community consensus. Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, recently sent an email to Roger Ver threatening to kill off Bitcoin Cash ABC with his competing Bitcoin Cash SV and Ver didn’t seem to have forgotten about it. He said:

In this case we had a group of people [pointing to Craig Wright] come in and make it very contentious.

The chain has had a lot of forks already. However, he pointed to other coins that have had nearly as many, if not more hard forks without being controversial.

Ver repeated his view that refusing to hard fork on BTC caused an incredible amount of damage. He believes BTC’s market share plummeted from 98% to 33% because of this refusal to fork. Developers moved to altcoins to create new developments, which has lead to 1,001 altcoins fragmenting the market, in his view.

When asked if the upcoming hard fork would finally create consensus for BCH, he simply said “I hope so”.

Roger’s full interview on EAK TV can be viewed here.

Razi Khan

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