Ripple Reddit: IMF praises Ripple, next thing in line, XRP goes up by 11%

Ripple has had an exciting time on Reddit lately. From extensive feuds on twitter, to the live ones in France, Ripple has been fairing well. It also expanded to a couple of exchanges, while a European bank announced to make export and import transactions in crypto i.e. XRP – a rather new happening in the crypto space. On the other hand, with Binance’s new partnership, XRP can now be bought directly via credit cards. Deeper meanings about the ties between Ripple and the UN are also unfolded, and lets not forget the new trendy Ripple hat.

Following is what the Ripple and XRP subbreddit in out an about lately.

CoinGate includes XRP in its bundle of native cryptocurrencies

CoinGate is a gateway that enables businesses and other vendors to accept payment in cryptocurrencies. The company has now announced that they have enabled native XRP payments for merchants. This will enable over 4,500 merchants to accept XRP for payment in their online marketplace.

Euro Exim Bank to make transactions in XRP

Ripple was finally able to convince a bank to use XRP. Euro Exim Bank, based in London, will become the first to use crypto coins, specifically XRP in its cross-border transactions. Adding into the same context, Olympia Trust Company, Ahli Bank of Kuwait, BFC Bahrain, WorldCom Finance,  Pontual/USEND, ConnectPay, GMT and Rendimento have also jumped in on RippleNet.

XRP Engineer’s defensive stance on Twitter stands out

Nik Bougalis, an engineering manager at Ripple took to twitter, hard, when another tweet criticized XRP. Ansel Lindner, who sparked Bougalis’ ferocity criticized XRP for its flaws. Bougalis did not take it easy and went all out in the comment section.

XRP extends to RightBTC

RightBTC is a coin-to-coin exchange enabling users to trade. As of the latest, XRP has extended to RightBTC.

Another European exchange puts XRP to its trading list

An Estonian exchange Kriptomat adds XRP to their trading list. The exchange allows for direct purchase of the cryptocurrency in Euros.

XRP can now be bought by Credit Cards

Binance is integrating payments via credit cards for purchasing cryptocurrencies. Partnered with Simplex for credit card payments, Binance now enables traders to use a Visa and or Amex to buy XRP and other notable cryptocurrencies. This allows for a much less purchasing time than the previous method – transfer via wire.

An unexpected tie between Ripple and SWIFT

Ripple and SWIFT do not get along too well. In fact, just in the recent happening of events, the CEOs of the companies went on a live debate on-stage at Paris Fintech Festival. At the same event, R3, a blockchain enterprise announced a partnership with SWIFT specifically to “integrate gpi with Corda Settler.” However, as Corda Settler depends on the XRP token, the partnership puts SWIFT and Ripple, the two rivals in an indirect connection.

Ripple attains compliments form IMF, experiences a sudden 11% rise in its price

The Paris Fintech Festival has been quite a happening for Ripple. The company earned appraisal for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) director Christine Lagarde, former to which the XRP token jumped 11% in its price. While emphasizing to banks about the need for the adoption new technology, Lagarde also mentioned: “(…) If you think of Circle, and Ripple and all those – that’s where they are active and helpful.”

The depths of ties between Ripple and the United Nation are Unfolded

A YouTube video digs in detail, explaining the importance of Ripples and the United Nations connection and how their link will allow them to work together on big future projects.

SBI’s exchange to launch in March

SBI, a well-known financial institution in Japan is set to launch its exchange, VCTRADE, Virtual Currency Trade in March 2019. The exchange is accepting deposits in XRP with other major cryptocurrencies. SBI has remained Ripple’s partner since 2016, and expects to incorporate Ripple’s blockchain  for speedy transactions

The Ripple Hat

A hat having Ripple’s logo on top of it is apparently gaining popularity on the Ripple subbreddit.


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