Restore Your Faith Back In The Crypto-Verse!

The crypto-market has been on a roller coaster ride. roller coaster GIF

With the prices decreasing suddenly and then going back up in a blink of an eye. Everyone has been quite fearful and have been doubting the crypto-verse as a whole. But, we bring you 3 companies that are a living proof that crypto is here for the long haul! No matter what!

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It’s creating the world’s first ever digital ecosystem. Work is in commence to make Prometheum’s Network available to the financial services industry, which will be backed by Embers. The idea is to create unique investment opportunities for all the organizations and individuals who are members of the Prometheum community. The ventures of Prometheum into the digital space gives us more than enough reason to believe in the crypto-world, that its thriving and has bright future ahead. Don’t you agree?

22X Fund

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It’s the first ever tokenized opportunity which allows to invest in the early age of startups. They are basically an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) that helps in assisting smaller companies that are interested in being regulated. But, either they can’t afford to or don’t know how to. That’s where 22x Fund jumps in! It allows to companies and individuals to invest in startups, this is how the investors make money as the startups start to grow.

Currently, there are 30 companies with them across various spaces for example transportation, blockchain and cryptocurrency, big data, fintech and health. 22X Fund is desperately sought after and has an acceptance rate of 2%. These startups are anxiously chasing a means on regulation, which means that there is clearly a demand for the industry to be regulated. Are you convinced now that crypto is here for good and forever?

INX Limited

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The latest to be in the blockchain news in the INX Limited. It was formed by Gibraltar a private company in 2017. It has applied to be one of the first ever regulated cryptocurrency. We know for a fact that they have sent their draft registration statement to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC.) If the draft is approved, which would mean that there would be a public offering of INX Token and the next move would be to work towards the regulation of other cryptocurrencies and their derivatives (INX Exchange.)

This would mark a stamp in history because it would be the first step in regulating cryptos. The people who are involved in the blockchain are eagerly waiting for the SEC to finish its review process. However, we don’t exactly know how many tokens will be offered and how much they are willing to go for. This is something that needs to be uncovered!

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Crypto and Blockchain technology are here to stay! Cryptos are entering new spaces every day. These companies are the proof we all need. It’s obvious isn’t it? Cryptos are still going very very strong. Sure, there have been bumps on the road. But all we are excited for is to see which new spaces cryptocurrencies are going to enter. We hope your faith was restored a tad bit in the crypto-world.

Maira Zaheer

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