Reds In Cryptocurrency Graph — Bitcoin Spins Around $3,400

Feburary 6 for cryptocurrency sees a red streak on the graphs. Almost all cryptos are show little to moderate losses. Bitcoin, the leader of the revolution, is down by 1.56%. It is barely maintaining its resistance level of $3,400.

Crypto charts

With 31.89% trade dominance, Bitcoin is down by -15.58% in its 30 day change. The market cap. dominance is still above 50%, meaning that Bitcoin is holding on to the throne. As of today, Bitcoin opened with $3,465 and is at $3,410 press time.

BTC chart

The sentiment charts show a neutral Bitcoin in projections. 

BTC sentiment


The second in charts, with $12 billion in market capitalization started its day with $0.298 and is currently at $0.292 press time.

XRP Chart

The 30 day change for XRP is -20%, alot of margin to make up. The sentiment indicators show XRP in neutral-positive zone.

XRP sentiment


The 3rd in line, $1 billion away from XRP in market capitalization, is down by 3.80% with shedding value from $107.2 to $103 press time.

Ethereum Chart

Ethereum too is in the neutral-positive on the sentiment spectrum.

Ethereum Chart

The rest 7:

Just like the top 3, the rest 7 on the top 10 are showing slight losses except Binance Coin(BNB) which is up by 13%.

Photo by Etienne Pauthenet on Unsplash

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