Reddit EOS: Wyoming passes a bill to legalize EOS

This week in the EOS subreddit, the U.S. state of Wyoming passes a bill to legalize crypto, the issue of scammers is addressed, co-founder of EOS, Kevin Rose’s interview gains popularity, and the referendum system of EOS is discussed.

Here is a brief review of the EOS subreddit.

Another U.S. state passes a bill to legalize crypto

The lawmakers in the state of Wyoming passed a bill named “Digital Assets”  which legalizes crypto in the state. The passed bill defines cryptocurrencies as digital consumer assets, digital securities and virtual currencies. When passed as a law, the state will consider EOS, Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP legal money under subject to the same laws as usual money.

Scammers on Github ready to steal EOS

A set of old accounts assumed to be bought or stolen have had been promoting phishing sites on the EOS subreddit, in an attempt to steal EOS; the github links shared by these users direct one to a fraudulent GreyMass github to download eos-voter. The fraudulent accounts have now been banned.

Kevin Rose’s gives a remarkable interview

The co-Founder and the Head of Community at EOS sat in for an interview with Crypto Finder on February 2nd. Rose provides a comprehensive discussion on the issues with EOS governance, fixing the issues, and plans for EOS in 2019.

A new approach to the EOS referendum

EOS New York, the top 21 block producer on the EOS mainnet, wrote an extensive medium post, where they talk about EOS’ current referendum system. In the post titled “Rethinking EOS Referendum Game Theory: Why 15% Token Participation is Irrelevant,” the writer makes arguments on how the minimum of 15% of all tokens that must vote on a proposal is insignificant.

Making a Secure EOS account

A video gains some popularity, talking about securing EOS account.  Scamming, a common practice in the space, has lead to theft of over $100,000 worth of EOS. These scammers trick users into signing transactions that are not what the user thinks it is; the video goes in detail as to how this could be prevented.


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