Reddit Cryptocurrency: Why Ripple (XRP) Price Witnessed 11% Increase?

Reddit cryptocurrency community is an ideal place for people in the cryptoverse to know latest news, developments and happenings around the globe.

Reddit Bitcoin (BTC)

  • In the r/Bitcoin community, today’s top story is about a redditor from Cambodia who posted a screenshot of his weekly cell phone bill payment in Satoshi. The screenshot and the title is given below. The title Just used lightning and bitrefil to pay my weekly phone bill here in Cambodia! Spent a total of 30300 Satoshis and got a text from CellCard about the $1 refill instantly

Reddit Cryptocurrency Today

  • The second top story in r/Bitcoin community is about news on lightening network. The news is about lightening network, that reaches the capacity of 600 bitcoins that is equivalent to more than $2 million.
  • In the r/Bitcoin sub reddit, today’s third top story is about a research based news report published on hackernoon which says that the “reports of bitcoin environmental damage are garbage”. You can read the full report from here.

Ripple Reddit (XRP)

  • Today’s ripple reddit community top ranked story is about International Monetary Fund (IMF) director, Christine Lagarde, praising blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and to be specific Ripple, at Paris Fintech Festival. After her comments, Ripple (XRP) price witnessed a 11% increase.
  • The second top story of ripple reddit community today is a post from ripple community blog. The title of the story is “One Person Can Make A Difference” and it is written by a person in response to a social media report, undermining Ripple wallets on the XRP Ledger. The full article can be read from the xrpcommunity blog.
  • The third top story at ripple sub reddit today is about news that Ripple wants to join the massive gaming industry. The news story on Ripple, exploring opportunities to enter the gaming industry is based on Ripple’s  CEO, Brad Garlinghouse remarks.

IOTA Reddit (IOTA)

  • Top story of today on IOTA’s subreddit is about new user experience for IOTA documentation portal. The post is written on IOTA official blog.
  • The second top post on IOTA subredit is also from the official blog that breaks the news to the members about IOTA Foundation and Energinet partnership to work in Internet of Things Integration (IoT) in energy ecosystem.
  • Third number post in the top section of IOTA subreddit is news from a German company that develops car software systems for BMW and they are working with IOTA.

Reddit NEO

  • In NEO reddit community, first post in the top category is video interview of Fabio Canesin with BLOCKCHAINBRAD. In the interview Fabio talked about Nash and the latest developments.
  • The second top post on NEO subreddit is a report on Moonlight LUX and can be seen here.
  • Next post is about free NEO DevCon tickets to students and developers. NEO is inviting developers from around the world to DevCon if they contribute on the platform and a link to GitHub is also provided.


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