Reddit Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (BTC) is Legal in more than 100 Countries

The subreddits of crypto had some amazing facts and crypto insights. From the legal status of bitcoin (BTC) in the countries of the world, a user paying the transaction fee which was more than 20,000 times of the amount actually traded.

Bitcoin (BTC)

  • CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey has shown a degree of trust and optimism for bitcoin (BTC) in the past. In recent, Jack admitted the use of browser extension build by Tippin. The extension enables users to send and receive bitcoin (BTC) micropayments on Twitter via the Lightning Network.
  • A famous high school teacher, Li Yongle released a video in which he demonstrated the blockchain and explained the bitcoin (BTC). To everyone’s surprise, the video became hot and viral over the internet as more than five hundred thousand people have viewed the video up till now.
  • Mass adoption of bitcoin (BTC) is highly correlated with its legal status. In latest, it was revealed that bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency of the world, is legal in 111 countries. At the moment, bitcoin (BTC) is completely illegal in only ten countries.

Ethereum (ETH)

  • Recently, an activity took place in the crypto world that shook many and surprised the rest. The activity which caught attention was a transaction of 0.1 ethereum (ETH). The unanticipated aspect of the transaction was the transaction fee paid by the user. For trading only 0.1 ethereum (ETH), 21,000 ethereum (ETH) of over $308,000 worth was submitted as the transaction fee by the user.

Ripple (XRP)

  • R3 consortium and Instimatch Global will be testing the Corda Settler platform in the future. As the platform aims to provide high-speed payments for intraday trading, Instimatch Global will test Corda Settler with a large ripple (XRP) transaction.


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