Reddit Bitcoin (BTC): ‘We are First Publicly Traded Company to Talk to SEC about Bitcoin (BTC).’

Following are some of the top stories from subreddits of bitcoin (BTC):

  • The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey expressed his thoughts about bitcoin (BTC). While sharing his view that internet will have a native currency in the future, he stated that bitcoin (BTC) is most likely to be the native currency of the internet. Further explaining why bitcoin (BTC) is well-suited for future, he disclosed that it was a very first for a publicly traded company to actually offer bitcoin(BTC) as a service. Besides that, he revealed his company was also the first one to bring up bitcoin (BTC) to SEC.
  • In New Hampshire, the subcommittee assigned to HB 470, a bill that allows State of New Hampshire to accept bitcoin (BTC) for tax payments, voted unanimously to approve the bill.  The subcommittee did some amendments to the bill before approving it. Now, the bill will process under Executive Departments and Administration committee for another vote.
  • Peter Todd, while telling his journey, stated that, in the past, he tried to avenge bitcoin (BTC) but failed at it. He said that he was one of many people who tried to create a decentralized currency but didn’t find any success in doing so. According to him, he was at a complete 180-degree offset back then.
  • The number of people bullish about bitcoin (BTC) after its launch was not substantial. Even smaller was the number when it came to people predetermining the future of bitcoin (BTC) way long before its launch. But standing against all odds, Milton Friedman predicted the rise of bitcoin (BTC) in 1999.
  • The network of bitcoin ATM has expanded all over the world. Surprisingly, it was revealed that not only the United States but African countries such as Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Djibouti also posses bitcoin ATMs.


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