Recreation Of Human Brains Using Blockchain Technology

Blockchain experts are working with digital Technology and Augmented reality/Virtual reality to control, monitor, and download brain activity data. This technology will transform our brain functions into digital form. There are many neurotechnology startups in their beta testing phase as they are working with different concerns like data security, privacy, and transparency.


Neurogress is a Geneva-based company working on to build neural control systems based on machine learning to enhance its brain reading accuracy to control robotic arms, drones, and other smart electronic devices with their own thoughts. It requires retaining 90% of brain data to train Artificial Intelligence (AI) used by this system. Neurogress is planning to record data on decentralized blockchain technology to ensure the privacy and security of personal data.


Nectome is another neurotechnology company based in California working on human brain preservation through a process called “aldehyde-stabilized cryopreservation”(ASC), which not only preserve human brain but it will digitize the preserved brain to recreate the mind by using the digitilized preserved information. And that’s where blockchain technology comes in as it is the best available medium to securely and transparently store the human brain data.

The only concern now is that blockchain is undoubtedly is transparent and secure medium to store human brain data because of its decentralized nature but that sensitive information can be sold to the third party for QUESTIONABLE marketing purposes.

Muhmmad Furqan

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