Real Estate and Blockchain Are Coupling, And It Is Unstoppable!

Recently real estate has become a huge part of the growing digital trade community. As amazing as the world of cryptocurrency is, introducing the world of real estate to the crypto-world has helped them both.

It’s fair enough to say that the world of crypto is unstoppable. We can’t wait for what more crypto brings to us honestly. From health institutions to real estate. Crypto has taken over them all!

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Buying Real Estate

Every day the crypto community is growing and the number of users are increasing. There are no full stops. No halts. Everything is in an unstoppable motion. Stating the obvious, we all know how this entire community is all about trading digital currency.  Crypto is known by everyone these days. You say Bitcoin and people don’t stare blank at you anymore. They do know a thing or two about it. It might not be to the tee, but they know!

But, the question remains. How did real estate get a whiff? It all began when a Miami Penthouse was listed to be sold in Bitcoin!! The seller was adamant that he would take no other means of currency. That’s nuts! Now if you don’t have Bitcoin already, you’re missing out on great real estate opportunities. Now the ball is in your court! Start your crypto-journey or keep missing out on fun opportunities!

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Paperwork vs Blockchain

You know how there is endless paperwork when it comes to buying properties. We’re actually sick of that. There is so much time and effort required to get everything done.

But, as usual the blockchain technology will save your day again! The blockchain technology is a secure digital database that contains large amounts of information without any hustle and it’s not even time-consuming. The blockchain technology can actively track house loans, payments, business transactions, documentation or any other legal documents you want to keep safe. So if you’re tired of keeping your paperwork all stacked up in a safe, blockchain technology can ease your burden now.

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Selling Real Estate

Selling commercial real estate is also the same process as buying a real estate. The process of registration of ownership, property managements, leases, legal descriptions, mortgages and even property titles can all be easily shifted to the blockchain technology without any hassle.

This will not only make the entire process much easier for the seller and the buyer. But its a lot faster. Since, blockchain is highly secure and reduces cost on all types of transactions. It’s a win-win! So, are you ready to shift to blockchain technology for good?

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New Coin In Town

With Ubecoin, real estate sales will never be the same again! Free trade barter is an owned subsidiary of Ubecoin which shows all the global business merchants that accept Ubecoin as a form of payment. With this one can easily find a merchant where you live. In fact, you can find a merchant no matter where you are in the world. List your house, property, business or equity today at Free Trader Barter!! Good luck!!

We’re thinking to buy some property in crypto! Are you thinking what we are thinking?

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