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Blockchain Startups Are Disrupting The Geeky Digital World

Tech Identity and Data Security is Changing Forever.

Yes, it is a big claim to say that the world will not be like what it is right now, it is a big burden of proof to say that things will not be what they are today, but, come to think of it then it is true, and there is no denying of resistance to it. Data crunching has become one of the biggest industries and giants corporations like Unilever, P&G, Pfizer and changing the game by dominating big data more than ever, whether people like it or not.

The surveillance of big brother is a constant pain for all, we hate being monitored, it is creepy and obnoxious. There is no stop or cure to it. At best the surveillance is like a tax we pay to be alive on the internet. Or for using things like Whatsapp, Gmail and Google.

But, blockchain if not ending it, is at least making it much more ethical and bearable for people who get put off by it. Not only that, they are trying to make data security unbreachable, curbing cyber crimes and making it a lot more safe to be online than it was before. Especially in a world of Facebook-induced crimes, hate speech and intolerance.


VChain Technology says it offers ‘unhackable strategic data sharing’, specifically to airlines and passport control services. It has filed for a patent for a software-as-a-service verification system that uses its own proprietary tech and blockchain on the back-end.


Blockpass is using blockchain technology to take on the age-old issue of identity verification. It turns personal validation data into anonymous cryptographic code that is listed on the blockchain, letting users have control over their identities and mitigating the need for cumbersome online validation processes.


LTR promises to apply blockchain technology to one of the most important sectors within tech: security. It holds eight patents currently, with more than 30 pending, all of them geared towards using blockchain in cybersecurity.


Storj claims to be the first open source, decentralised end-to-end encrypted cloud storage solution that uses blockchain technology and cryptography. The startup allows people with excess storage to rent it for money. Its mission is to rethink cloud storage and provide an increased level of privacy and security. Storj works like a file system for the internet, using blockchain to encrypt and distribute data globally. This such a Kaizen thing to do, no waste, money making and purely genius work!


Naviaddress claims to be ‘disrupting 150 years of addresses’. It is built on the blockchain and provides a unique, numerical ID that adds a location to any place or object in the physical or virtual world, using a combination of geo-location, latitude and longitude. The startup is already working with companies like Uber and DPD to boost the accuracy and usability of the addresses in their systems.


Elliptic tracks illicit bitcoin flows and provides information to financial institutions and law enforcement agencies. For example, they could tell you who made money out of the Wannacry virus. The trio all boast PhDs from Oxbridge and Imperial College London. Elliptic raised $5 million in its Series A round in March 2017 from four different investors, led by Paladin Capital Group.

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