Rate Your Date, Like You Rate Your Captain

Blockchain-based portal LoveBlock, allows users to reward their partners or dates for better behavior, appropriate courtship, a quality time and what not. I would like to sort a date based on good response. Other than the occasional captain that knows the trade too well and masters the art of good ratings, i would want to steer off of such scam artists in the dating realms more strictly than ride-hailing though.

Dating apps are now being more and more gamified, while you can use Bumble to make friends, Luna to find serious matches and use date tokens for the fun stuff, the options are trying to build crazier USP’s in their game strategy departments. Yes, we have heard of people looking for love on DOTA communities before chat rooms and online dating was created. The internet has come a long way since.

In light of the #Metoo movement and the modern times where patriarchy of no sort is acceptable and women are lit af, it is very expensive for businesses to make mistakes in terms of their products. Adding rewards or incentive along with a system to look out for the safety and satisfaction of all is of quintessence.

Looking for love should not be hard. Speed dating is here, then why is it still so frustrating, deceitful and exhausting?

Bumble claimed that it is female-powered. At least it is empowering and distributing that power to improve the lives of women through entrepreneurial spirits and inculcating safety. Bumble has also invested in several female-focused investment funds including Female Founders Fund and Cleo Capital to add to its brand image in the eyes of the woke females and LGBTQ+.

Blockchain is working on that. Luna claims to make the most optimized and intelligent matches of all time yet. Looking forward to what it brings. I guess until then we can just watch the online dating centered movies back to back in marathons. That is the only ‘less’ i can settle for. Not the ‘use any mediocre app to find love at your odds less’.

Almost every single millennial has a Tinder account. Even if it is the hook-up you want, it should be top notch. No Less. More power to you darlsss. :* Find love, in the moment or for a longer time, whatever tickles your fancy. A truer, safer and crap-free Tinder is a good Tinder. #FindMeABetterApp.

No seriously, who is not sick of the ordinary, ten year old selfies, 54-year old uncles trying to act like they are 30, Misogynist men acting so cool with the hashtag support for pride, #feminism, not knowing a thing or half about these. Blockchain will at least curb the liars, the reward systems can cut the lies and imposters, good reviews can help the system improve and this will lead us all to lead better dating lives that are less hassle more fun.

Just how dating is intended to be – Fun, scam-free and safe for heavens!! No compromises people!

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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