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QuantisNetwork Claims to Bear the Best Masternode System

QuantisNetwork claims to hold the best masternode system out there in the market claiming a total 78% of locked coins, 5000 Quans (QuantisNetwork token) corresponding to a value of $500 and a yearly return on investment (ROI) to a percentage of 200%. The statistics sure are baffling but to stake the claim to such an accolade hinting at their masternode system the epitome of decent operation, is indeed a bold step.

Quantis supports the claim by linking their page to the statement that takes the wonderers to another pool of statistics that include the likes of, 182.12 days to reach the 200% of return on investment, a $1,002.08 income per year and the total number of 1,030,000 coins locked currently that constitute the 78.48% of the total. The Quan is worth an estimated 0.00001407 bitcoins and $0.1000 USDs.

Quantis envisions to build a digital platform that promotes the basic user to be free to mine and employ the decentralized tools to pacify the all the privacy tension that surrounds the systems of today. Quantis boasts an intranet file sharing which is peer-to-peer powered where anyone can play their role anonymously and contribute to the system. With extreme measures of privacy packaged into the product, Quantis manages to take the Satoshi vision and present to the user an altered and purified form of it. The system ensures user friendliness, operates under the proof of stake (PoS) protocol and is pre-mine free environment.

The developers claim their masternode system to be among the best the crypto world can offer. A masternode is more like a generic node plus the fact that it contains information about all of the blockchain in itself in real time. The masternode is supposed to be running all the time as it is to cater for the ever-implemented alterations throughout the system. The masternodes are responsible for the privacy of the transactions, the execution of instant transactions, dealing with the governance and voting and giving a form to the framework of budgeting and treasury systems in the crypto realm. The entire systems works so as to lessen the chances of the masternode person to be able to cheat by ensuring the entry barriers that a regular node person does not have to deal with.

The QuantisNertwork does not operate under any executed ICO as it has been funded by the share the developers put in. The company has come up with an audio version of their whitepaper which discusses the entire project and the measures that they are keeping to, to exterminate the privacy risks altogether.

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