PWRcoin Claims to be Far Ahead of its Pre-Set Schedule

PWR, a newly instated cryptocurrency, regarded as the company behind the genesis of the ‘hybrid cryptocurrency’ shares the current development status mentioning that they are way ahead of their designated schedule. The PWR team set a roadmap prior which positions the current focus of the team to be circling around producing marketing videos, videos over how the platform operates and what exactly the users can expect out of the PWR platform.

PWR is another blockchain platform that enables the users to process their e-transactions speedily and efficiently. The characteristics, heavily featured over the platform are quite similar to any casual blockchain incorporated one but PWR has no-doubt kept the basic factors intact to provide the users the best and cheapest transactions possible. They claim to have managed an inflation rate to nearly a zero except from the lower transaction fee that accompany each deal through the PWR network.

The platform claims to use the power of stake (PoS) protocol in order to keep the network safe from outside factors hacking in, and the scammers that drift online seeking easy prey to devour. According to the company itself, the attacks that the network is prone to, are 51% fought back by the use of this PoS protocol. This obviously does not strike us as good as a whole 100% but can prevent the entire system to bend out of shape (which would otherwise be entirely non-secure if it were not for the PoS protocol).

Where does PWR stand currently?

PWR lies, as per its roadmap, over the 3rd Quarter of 2018. The roadmap if followed through to this very day demands the formation of the developing team, the branding of the company, getting ready the new digital footprint, acquiring new exchange listings, designing a website, devising a roadmap, releasing the white paper, releasing the Wallet v2.0, releasing the Tip Bot, releasing the Paper Wallet and coming up with marketing values and ways to advertise the latest features. The PWR has issued several statements for the users to vote in order to score themselves listings over exchanges thus enabling the company to promote the multi-exchange feature for PWRcoin.

The PWR team certainly initiated the listings process ahead of the scheduled time. The Tip Bot was all set up, error-free and ready to run. The PWR team put forth the announcement on 17th August, 2018, that marks them over the timeline about 3 days ahead of their schedule when considering the Tip Bot. Though the period of 3 days is not a large one to celebrate about but it sure is a milestone as the company can secure them a collectively large gap once they inch towards the end of their roadmap.

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The Paper Wallet was eventually achieved after many variations of error infected wallets over which the company, learning from the mistakes, worked over to give to the users a complete package. The same goes for the Tip Bot as it includes the prolonged testing phase set to feature various coins. But at the current position, the bot only manages the PWRcoin and the ROIcoin. The further chronology has been scheduled to include many other cryptocurrencies too.

Jun 30th has PWR initiating the PWR coin swap eventually for the users to get a hold of their respective amount of crypto coins at the Crypto Hub exchange, the deadline for which was set the very 30th of June, 2018. The PWRcoin boasts the title for being the top digital coin as per its trading volume over the Crypto Hub exchange. The majority of the scheduled tasks have been executed by the developers under the mark of the month July which is collectively being about a month ahead of what duration they envisaged for the project.


The PWR team outshines in yet another major department i.e. the e-commerce. The devs of the PWR have incorporated the blockchain network of the PWRcoin which they made the PWR PAY to engulf wholly. The PWR PAY is a spark-speedy, safe and cheap way to deal with the e-commerce as the new system would spare the parties (the customer and the shop owner) from the hassle of the traditional route of e-commerce. The shop owners also acquire the benefit of 1% staking share out of every purchase the customer makes from their stores. The 1% stake payout would imply over their store wallet credit.

The PWR PAY includes the feature for the customers to deal with the PWR coin. The PWR coin has been a pivotal product of the PWR development team as they have detained most of their other ventures to focus their attentions solely towards the digital currency.

The PWR PAY is now being put under the testing phases and is set to spread out over various e-commerce platforms. The beta testing includes the rigorous check for the platform which is to conclude with the final product i.e the PWR PAY. Though the system is set to be launched over 6 platforms, the only one about which a date has been disclosed is the ‘WooCommerce’ (the others yet to annunciated).

The digital way to transact capital has been a key feature of this decade and probably be the shining feature of many decades to come even though a mass extinction is foreseen for many digital currencies of this time. As we inch towards the complete crypto future, there might be a great deal in store for the enthusiasts.

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