Pure Crypto-Drama: Ethereum Vs. Bitcoin, Which one is better?

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, it was the first one in the market, the first one to appear, the first one to pave and crave a way out of no way at all. The internet was shuck by the coming of a currency that solely exists digitally or online. People were in disbelief for the longest time, most of us, still are. The crypto-drama it faced was all by itself, until ethereum the second blockchain and cryptocurrency propped up.

This currency was designed to be the next most hip thing in the market, people were shocked at its improved abilities, this meant better scalability and greater use out of the same concept that bitcoin was based on to. This changed everything forever.

But, bitcoin enjoyed a great cult love and the bigger market cap than ethereum. Bitcoin was the original one after all. The currency remains dominant in the market despite more than 1800 coins and tokens now available.

Ethereum is more than money, the blockchain has allowed several startups, games, tokens and uses to emerge, the ever so famous crypto kitties being one of them, the currency Ether has also received a lot of love and greater popularity over time, thanks to all the games that require you to buy the coin to either spend or to convert into the game’s own tokens. This leads to the ever increasing need for Ethereum, and a kind that leaves all other currencies behind, mainly because now Ethereum and Bitcoin are no longer interchangeable, both mean very different things.

Then Ethereum was a breakthrough tech because it changed what blockchain could do in a way that bitcoin could not. The advent of Ethereum the blockchain, led to people exploring the possibilities of using the now developed and made possible idea of Internet-Digital Trust.

Who lied on the internet and frauds were not in any ones control, mainly because the internet did not belong to a care taker authority but to a few different hands not committed to conflict resolution but profit seeking. The unlimited problems with the internet like identity fraud, bank fraud, credit card theft, e-commerce failures and big hacking ventures are all now combat-able with this blockchain to replace the traditional way of things.

Ethereum made possible the employment of something called a Smart Contract. A smart contract enables people to make agreements binding. Neither party can default or lie. This means that if you and i enter a contract, we can automate the money flow from me to you, or however it works in a fashion that neither i nor you can back down or risk the agreement whilst unfairly keeping the money.

This can be applied at very small scale transactions to bigger ones. This is not geographically bound and it creates immense potential for companies like AliBaba and Amazon Web Services, to come together and form some of the best and genius most exchange or selling platforms. These new platforms or programs will be more secure than absolutely anything else we know of, because the blockchain in question is keep everything automated, transparent and bug free.

This Makes Ethereum Better Than Bitcoin! In case you did not notice.

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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