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Purchasing and Learning Cryptocurrency was Very Difficult, says eosDAC Launch Team Memeber

In the past, Luke Stokes suggested that people can only be shown a way that leads to the door of cryptocurrency but it was up to them if they were willing to take the road or not. Luke is the co-founder and CTO of, an e-commerce platform. He is also the Launch Team member at eosDAC.

He was proposed to provide his expertise on the matter of people’s learning and understanding about cryptocurrency and its usage. Upon asking about the people who could be hindered on their way to learn cryptocurrency, Luke told BlockPublisher:

It was much, much more difficult to learn about cryptocurrency and how to purchase it back in 2013 when I figured it out. People who really want to, can.

This shows that, in the past, people faced, comparatively, more difficulties to learn about cryptocurrency than people nowadays. However, Luke concluded that if people sincerely wished to know cryptocurrency in depth than they can certainly gain information and knowledge about it.

A crypto enthusiast, Andrew spoke to BlockPublisher regarding the learning of cryptocurrency. While sharing his thoughts, he laid out some instructions for people to get a better understanding of crypto space. He suggested:

Learn out it, learn the basics of trading, learn the basics of managing emotions, learn about the crypto’s themselves. Learn how a coin moves in the market, so have repetitive trends that you can take advantage of on different time frames. Connect with like helpful counterparts.

Andrew’s statement provides a step by step route for people to learn and understand cryptocurrency. However, Luke’s point of view holds significance in the context that none of the ways are of any advantage if people are not motivated and prepared enough to execute and utilize them.

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