PUBG Pitched Against Bitcoin

Hackers have a way of amusing everyone all the time. They will always find a way to hack into your system and leave you miserable. Recently, a group of criminals in Turkey have been detained by local authorities on suspicion of hacking into a domestic cryptocurrency company.

Okay so far it sounds normal, right? But here’s the catch, the ones behind this security breach are thought to have popular video game PUBG to communicate prior to the attack.

It was massive

The attack wasn’t a tiny one, they took $2,47 million and though some of this figure have been recovered in raids but a lot of money is yet to be found. They used PUBG to orchestrate the hack.

According to the report, a total of 24 people have been detained following a nationwide search across eight of Turkey’s provinces. They were arrested on the suspicion of their involvement in the 2.47 million attack.

The raids were able to recover $256,000 only out of missing $2.47 million.The attack was carried out by someone on the inside. The funds were sent from company wallets to those controlled by the hackers. The operation was launched all across Turkey, namely Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Afyonkarahisar, Bursa, Edrine, Bolu and Antalya, which led to the arrests on 24 citizens.

This hasn’t been the first time where such a method was opted to communicate. The suspects were using the popular battle royale-style video game PUBG.

According to the latest updates, two have been released by the prosecutor’s office, while the remaining 22 out of which six were arrested and sixteen were released on the condition of judicial control following a hearing at the Istanbul Courthouse in Caglayan.

The Naysayers

Many use instances like these to cast a shade on Bitcoin and other cryptos. Though, there is no denying that digital currency exchanges and other firms have had their security compromised but never has the underlying Bitcoin code been altered or exploited. Each time something like this happens, it involves the compromise of a centralized company.

Most of the money is yet to be recovered but the Turkish police are trying their best to get hold of the stolen cryptocurrencies. At the end, the safest way to protect Bitcoin and other digital assets is to take responsibility of securing your own finances. We get how difficult that might be but you gotta look out for yourself, bruh.

Because these hackers ain’t coming slow.



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