ProximaX Is More Than A Blockchain Solution, Says CEO Lon Wong

ProximaX is a utility for businesses, enterprises and innovators in services like storage, content delivery, messaging and media streaming with its native coin, the XPX, which contributes to incentivize contributors to its decentralized network. With basis set to form an advanced extension of the Distributed Ledger Technology, Its build and application is based on more than blockchain, According to CEO Lon Wong.

Mr. Wong was speaking to BlockPublisher, explaining how the platform is different to competing platforms. He explained that ProximaX is further evolved compared to its competitors, while reporting that blockchain only serves as a component of its technology. He said:

ProximaX is in a different level playing field in that it has extended beyond just a blockchain solution for value or asset transfer. It is a platform solution that makes use of blockchain as one component of its assembly of technology.

Mr. Wong further went on to reveal the added features ProximaX carries, ones like databases and file management solution. He reassured that development of furthermore secure solutions are taking place across the network. Wong reported:

Apart from just a blockchain, it has included as part of the platform, distributed technologies like database and file storage management solution. As such, it has become a holistic platform where most solutions can be developed on it reliably.

Earlier in the interview, Mr. Wong discussed at length the company’s long term prospects, its current focus and shed light on the ProximaX team. He reported that ProximaX aims to bring about applications of blockchain into the mainstream for individuals and industries and they attempt to do that by adding blockchain to the normal life services for the masses. He also discussed the project’s focus for the quarter, stating that they aim to partner up with governmental institutions on their platform along with formation of ties with the industrial sector.

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