ProBit: The Exchange Providing Customizable Dashboards for Traders

Entering the world of cryptos can be daunting, with all the technical complications that come with the entire package. Understanding the cryptocurrency itself, navigating through the wallet and not to forget having to deal with the alien user interface of exchanges. However, as messy and tricky as it seems, you do have to get your hands dirty eventually because blockchain and cryptos are here to stay and you don’t want to be left behind.

But it’s not all loom and gloom, for here to make your crypto experience a tad bit easier, particularly in the exchange domain, is ProBit, which is a new exchange in crypto town that offers the ease of customizable dahsboards. And in order to meet its aim of becoming the most professional, global and secure market place for digital assets, it is utilizing state of the art technology, to give its users an upper hand in the trading game.

As per ProBit’s claim, the fast, robust and reliable platform can deliver a processing capacity of 1.5 million order matches per second. And in spite of its speed, the platform does not compromise on security, as that is its priority, which is why it guarantees to store “95 percent or more of digital assets in a cold wallet”, thus protecting its users against the menace of security breaches and theft.

In addition to that, the platform offers its traders with hardware security keys, which are impossible for hackers to crack, with the added advantage of being very convenient to use.

While providing speed and security are ProBit’s top priorities, however that is not all the platform has offer. It in fact extends its solution to the trader-exchange interaction. According to the company, many traders are juggling between using multiple exchanges either because they cannot find the trading pairs that they want, or because of the user interfaces that are too difficult to grasp.

ProBit’s Customizable Solution

ProBit hopes to find a remedy for this problem through a modular dashboard, which implies that the layout can be customized as per the users’ wants and needs. So instead of pushing the same information down everyone’s’ throat, ProBit is evolved enough to appreciate the different levels of crypto enthusiasts, who are all interested in different things.

ProBit believes that the vast majority of exchanges are failing to hit the sweet spot in the case of attracting users from various backgrounds. Since cryptos are still relevantly new and so are their users, most of the exchanges, according to ProBit, are geared towards relatively inexperienced traders.

Even though some of the platforms offer the users to actually toggle between preset basic and advanced modes, it still doesn’t quite provide the hand tailored solution for them and ProBit believes that this just implies that the needs of every user, are not being fully met. And this is the motivation behind the whole idea of a fully customizable interface.

On ProBit, every element on the platform can be moved and even resized as per the requirements of the users. And not just that, this personalization extends to even the colors of the tickers, so that the users can control even the littlest of things in order to experience a tailor made layout just for them.

ProBit offers a variety of preset layouts for even the new users. This serves as a starting point for them, which enables traders to figure out how they themselves want to lay out the vast amounts of information that the company exchange provides.

Tradable Cryptocurrencies on ProBit

Now coming to what can be traded on this highly customizable platform, it supports the trading of a wide array of the most trusted coins in the market. According to the company, more than 150 cryptocurrencies will be available on the platform for trading purposes. And this is further complemented by hundreds of trading pairs. Five of them — Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, EOS and the native ProBit token among them — serve as “base currencies.”

The ProBit Token

The platforms’ native token is known as PROB and the sale of the token is set to take place on December 12, 2018. However it will last only one day. The company has stressed quite a lot on the point that the tokens are strictly not to be used for marketing or bounty services.

Furthermore, the team behind ProBit has also revealed that they won’t be charging listing fees for the projects to be traded on ProBits’ platform and the reason behind this decision is that, they want to protect the users, it amounts to a conflict of interest and because it enables them to be selective.

ProBit says that its platform will be active 24/7, and customer support will be available in multiple languages — cementing its goal of becoming a global exchange.

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