Prinya Jaravijit Gets Arrested for $24 Million BTC Fraud

The main suspect of the $24 million bitcoin scam at Thailand sees an arrest at the Bangkok airport. The fraudulent case that involved cryptocurrency was investigated by the Crime Suppression Division ( CSD ) who held eight people accountable for swindling a Finnish man. CSD declared Prinya Jaravijit as the primary suspect of the scam and arrested him immediately after he returned to the country.

Prinya Jaravijit was returning from the USA to Thailand via South Korea. His passport was revoked and his further stay at the foreign country would have been illegal according to the law. He flew back to Thailand from South Korea on Asiana Airlines’ Flight OZ741. He had been charged with money laundering and fraud charges by CSD, who upon his arrival at the Thai airport took him immediately to CSD for investigation.

After the interrogation, the CSD deputy commander who has been looking over the case since its origin, Pol Col Chakrit Sawasdee claimed that he found Prinya Jaravijit irresolute while explaining his accounts. Moreover, Chakrit told that Prinya has denied all the charges and would be taken to Criminal court for further proceedings.

Investigators have called Prinya’s parents, Wisit and Lertchatkamol Jaravijit, along with his sibling Tanasit, in order to continue the proceedings related to the money laundering charges imposed on the family. CSD states that Prinya sent money to his parents and sibling. About 90 million baht were transferred to Lertchatkamol, who later transferred the money to her husband, Wisit. Apart from this, Tanasit also received money from Prinya. Chakrit Sawasdee has collectively categorized this money transfer as a practice of money laundering.

Previously, CSD named three banks involved in the scam because they failed to notify authorities prior transacting more than 2 million baht. Moreover, several bank accounts and properties were frozen by CSD during the investigation.

Prinya has discussed matters with his lawyers and is said to be processing for the bail. On the other hand, the police have been considering the risk factors associated with his bail.

Aarni Otava Saarimaa is the Finnish investor who lost $24 million while investing his money in bitcoin. Despite this, regarding the potential of bitcoin, another investor Michael Tozoni, bitcoin economist, shared his views with BlockPublisher. He said:

People would be better off sticking to bitcoin, which is used and accepted around the world.

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