Potterheads Rejoice As Crypto’s Voldemort Conjures Up New And Safer Blockchain Technology

The Harry Potter universe is well loved by children and adults alike the world over! With a giant movie franchise and multiple spin offs, J. K Rowling’s magical world with the legendary trio has been a great influence on many pop culture artifacts of today.

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Now, it seems, the wizarding world’s influence has seeped into the cryptoverse as a new blockchain technology has been launched which is directly inspired by the MimbleWimble curse in the Harry Potter series. The curse leaves opponents silent in a magic duel but now we can finally see it’s real life applications in the form of Grin which is MimbleWimble’s first cryptocurrency.

As the curse promises silence, so does it’s real life counterpart which offers a way out from crypto scams and frauds; more private and efficient transactions.

Late in 2016, a hidden figure under the pseudonym Tom Elvis Jedusor, which also happens to be the actual name of the HP series’s protagonist posted a link in a chat room where many a Bitcoin researchers frequented. The document first introduced MimbleWimble which works quite similarly to Bitcoin but ensures anonymity by hiding the identities of users.

Jedusor wrote, “I call my creation Mimblewimble because it is used to prevent the blockchain from talking about all user’s information.”

The creator of Grin also shares his flair for the dramatics with Bitcoin creator, Saoshi Nakamoto as both introduced their innovative technology to the world, stayed on to explain it’s functions and then disappeared forever!

Going by the name Ignotus Peverell is also quite witty as in the series Peverell is the original owner of the famed invisibility cloak, which hints at the cryptos powers of hiding in plain sight.  But perhaps the best likeness between Grin and Bitcoin is how they don’t have any true ship master at the helm, which is imperative if the technologies must live up to their claims of being true decentralized networks.

One might question why there was a need for yet another crypto when crypto giants like Bitcoin exist? Well, for starters Bitcoin and other cryptos may be decentralized but that does not mean that they are completely anonymous. On the contrary, each user is represented by a unique address that can as of now be traced to their real life identities by both hackers and law enforcement agencies.

Therefore, unlike Bitcoin which requires the user to store and process around 200 gigabytes of blockchain data which will only increase with each new added user, Grin  combines data into smaller packages that can be verified cryptographically so there is no need to view other user’s information ensuring complete privacy in transactions and improved chances of scalability!


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