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PornHub is Verge’s ‘Mysterious Huge Partner’

Many termed Verge (XVG) ‘scammy’ as they kept on delaying to unveil their mysterious partner. Controversy arose at the time when Verge asked for a crowdfund of 75 million XVG, approximately USD 3 million, in order to reveal the name of their mysterious ‘Huge Partner’, with many believing that no such partner ever existed after so many delays.

Verge put all doubts aside when they announced a porn site; ‘PornHub’ as their partner, shutting down all rumors of scam once and for all. Even though PornHub comes in the list of 40 most popular websites on internet, it again raised some eyebrows which can be reflected by 34.50% XVG price decline. The main reason of XVG market decline is because many big names in the community believes that people don’t pay for porn anymore.

According to PornHub excutives, the main reason why they chose Verge over any other cryptocurrency is the fact that Verge’s core principle is based on privacy and being anonymous which is a major concern of pornsite users. Verge’s acceptability will not be limited to just PornHub, two other offshoots of PornHub, Brazzers and Nutaku will also be accepting the coin which’ll be applicable to their adult video games.

Only time will tell what the future holds for Verge but for now they have kept their promise of a ‘huge partner’.

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