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Have you ever seen an Instagram post with an extremely deep caption that doesn’t exactly go with a mirror selfie, like ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’; and you just think to yourself, ‘A- Honey, that is a quote by someone that is not you and B- Gandhi did not die for his words to be used in a millennial’s selfie’?

If yes, then you probably get where I’m coming from. In the digital age where there’s a plethora of information on the Internet, which is not always authentic, it is very easy to fall victim to plagiarism. Now obviously, everything cannot be blamed on the millennails obsession with social media.

The way the industry operates, specifically regarding the distribution of content, has content creators at a significant disadvantage. Ranging from licensing to plagiarism of content. But blockchain tech comes as a saving grace for artists and authors as it has just the right tools to solve their problem.

The project is a blockchain-powered startup that allows content creators to create time-stamped titles for their written, visual and audio works. The platform achieves this by using an Ethereum-based decentralized universal ledger designed to track ownership and attribution for digital creative assets.

At, we are constructing what this industry needs  —  a new environment where creators are paid for what they can do instead of what is required of them by an old and broken paradigm

Said the CEO Jarrod Dicker, in blogpost.

Jarrod Dicker has held positions at the Washington Post, Time.Inc and Huffington Post. It looks like has roped in a major league player for their platform. It just might be the perfect match considering wants to change the way content creators manage their work and Dicker has a history of ushering traditional news outlets into the digital age.

I believe in that future

He said as he explained his resignation from the former position at the Post.

Use Cases of uses blockchain technology in order to create digital “fingerprints” that can mathematically prove an article hasn’t been altered or tampered with. offers something for everyone in the content business.


  • Earn long-tail income from an existing content library by licensing it programmatically to new sources of buyers.
  • Discover and curate content to republish from potential partners.
  • Build an internal supply chain for content production with verified checkpoints to make sure that content is compliant with industry standards.

Content Creators

  • You can make your content discoverable with transparent licensing terms to a global network of publishers.
  • Use immutable timestamps to prove that you’ve originated a specific idea before someone else.
  • Use immutable links in bibliographies for citing your sources.

Furthermore the network also assists its users with other services like,

  • Build up a history as a proven fact-checking service or specialize in curation of high-quality images
  • Ensure that your advertising doesn’t appear against unsavory content from non reputable publishers
  • Integrate multiple external identities to your content to help bridge existing reputation systems

Frost: The Plugin

If you are among the millions of people who use WordPress for publication purposes, then this is’s gift to you. With the new plugin, you’ll be able to automatically timestamp your works within the WordPress content management system.

Launched earlier this year in February, Frost is an open API and set of developer tools from that will enable content publishers and developers to more easily register their creative works on the blockchain. It will enable integrations and decentralized applications, including the WordPress plug-in. Developers can get instructions on how to make an account, create an API key, read developer documentation and access the JavaScript library at the Frost website.

At, we set out to build a simple, friendly platform that is intuitive for our users but also enables a platform for developers to create innovative decentralized media applications.

Said Tyler Evans, a member of the Foundation board., which held a token sale on August 8, 2017, now boasts an online community of more than 40,000 developers and creators on social media platforms, such as Telegram, Reddit and Twitter.

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