Places Where Your Crypto Needs to Be

You all must be wondering what we keep blabbering about crypto over and over again and keep encouraging you to start making use of it. But we haven’t really talked about where to spend this money. If you’re clueless and need a quick guide to put your money to use, you’ve clicked on the right article. Although companies are increasingly accepting cryptocurrency it’s still a work in progress so we don’t expect you to get your hopes high but still, it’s a pretty good treat… To make things easier we have brought you a list of companies that allow you to make use of this currency.

You’re all aware how Paypal has been a core part of e-commerce. This was one of the first companies to accept cryptocurrency as a payment of the transaction. However, they are currently only accepting Bitcoin and plan on expanding further, allowing Ethereum, Litecoin, etc, to be part of this transaction family too.

This company began accepting cryptocurrency as early as 2013 and got popular in the market pretty rapidly. For people who aren’t aware of how Shopify works, in simpler terms its an e-commerce platform where you can set up your own virtual shop, much like, to eBay and Etsy. However, right now they, too, are accepting Bitcoin only.

Yes, you heard it right! Microsoft also makes use of this digital phenomenon and why wouldn’t they? Microsoft is a big name in the technological world so without a doubt they were going to jump on this opportunity and so should you!

Pizza for coins
Hungry? Meet your pizza cravings using bitcoins and more than 45 other cryptocurrencies.

The next information is bound to get you daydreaming and drooling over the scrumptious pizza that you will be devouring, thanks to cryptocurrency. The way PizzaForCoins works is that first, the site verifies if there’s a nearby pizza joint (PizzaHut, Dominos or Papa John’s), you can order the pizza and pay for it. So, you get a wider range of pizza selection. Now, we advise you to go check out the website immediately instead of drooling.

This platform is a real showstopper that is why we saved it for the last and if you made it till the end, you got lucky. This was the first biggest online retailer to start accepting Bitcoin back in January 2014. The range of variety is incredible; you can find bed and bath to electronics and home decor. They have successfully expanded and now allows customers to use Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. At the checkout, your currency will be converted into Bitcoins and accepted. Its fast, efficient and easy. Sounds amazing, right?!

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