Picasso Is Dead, But Kanye Is Alive

Cryptocurrency is one part economics, one part tech. This one of a kind half and half has heralded a new trend that will last for the ages yet to come. A pop culture perfect item is now on the shelves and in the pockets of us all. No, it is not an iPhone, it is three steps and three and a half generations ahead. It is what we totes heart – Cryptos!

Make Way, Its Broadway!

It is similar to what people must have felt about the creation of Broadway. In its early days. Not knowing what it may become being the crux of the beauty of it. People loved theater and they loved good quality theater and they loved it when it happened at a street close by where all trendsetter high impact couples from Manhattan could go visit. Not knowing that it will then turn to a world class center stage for performing arts of the kind. The term Broadway became an adjective.

That is the power of social movements and social appreciation. This was back in the 1850’s. Imagine the 100x influence of technology and media and what now can become out of the new age ideas such as that of crypto itself.

Little Did Andy Warhol Know

Yes, Andy Warhol said it right. All people must enjoy their fifteen minutes of fame in the dystopic times ahead. But, did Andy Warhol know what cryptos would be? Did he know that the new age will make art accessible to all, people around the globe will be using technology.

He could not have known that Time-space-convergence will make it possible for everyone to live as a border-less human society than a segregated one. I may have more common with my age fellow in Tokyo or India than the people living on my land.

Andy Warhol still had some things to figure out before he died. Well, we can not blame him, each one of us does.

Picasso Is Dead But Kanye Is Alive

Kanye has ruled the Millennials, and now iGeneration. This modern age is defined by our role models, while Kanye may have been the talk of the decade, nut the old debitage of Picasso really needs to be shed away. All the stigmas, the taboos, the demons must be rubbed off. This means that those yet to think about investment, or those thinking about making their minds up on the subject, yet to shed their fear of new things are actually left way too, too, too far behind.

They have a whole lot of a catching up to do. This is the good life that is awaiting them. Where are they at. If we can not do what we feel like, when we feel like, based on how we feel like doing it, then what are we doing at all. You need no gold diggers. Be your own kinda savage and jump right in to the pool where you gotta take what is yours by rightfully making it yours. Hint, hint starts with a C.

So, gimme a C, C! Gimme a R, R! Gimme a Y, Y! Gimme a P, P! Gimme a T, T! Gimme a O, O! CRYPTO!

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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